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This is really just a note to myself put in a place where I can easily revisit it at necessary intervals, because putting this stuff down on LJ is occasionally helpful:

Having a clean living space is a liberating feeling, roughly on the same order as "there's no school tomorrow!" When the floor is clear of clutter, the laundry is done or at least not overflowing the hamper, and my desk is something resembling organized, it actively has a relaxing effect: hey, I don't have anything I need to do right now! I can goof off however I want!

This makes me more productive when it comes to whatever form of goofing off I choose to indulge in at that point, whether it is writing, RP, video games or anything else.

The above is true even as compared to the points at which I have a whole afternoon/day/weekend/vacation to myself and actively choose not to clean in favor of writing/RP/video games/whatever. Even if I consciously choose to do those things instead of cleaning, there is some nagging inner voice in my subconscious that tells me I should CLEAN MY ROOM before fun pastimes, and I end up fiddling vaguely around online rather than focusing on whatever it was I actually wanted to do. Or at least, this is probably the case based on the fact that I have observed I feel more relaxed and at liberty when my apartment is clean than I do when I defiantly choose to sit at my computer and not clean.

Now if I can just figure out ways to keep this in mind in a fashion that helps me actually keep my apartment reasonably clean instead of running in cycles in which I realize I need to clean up only at the point at which it is now an All-Day Project (and thus something to be put off repeatedly while the problem only gets worse), that would be awesome.

Also, "unfuck your habitat" is a great term and I plan to use it more often.

...I should really not need to be telling myself these things. Oh well!

As an apology to the rest of the internets, have a Sky High macro:

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