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My grandfather's funeral was on Tuesday. It wasn't as hard as I was afraid it would be... the family pulled together, and so did a lot of family friends in the community. Still pretty rough for everyone, though.

I feel like I should have more to say about it, but at the same time, it's not anything I really want to talk about.

I got back into town to find that Sammy hadn't gotten any better, even with the vet taking care of him for the days I was out of town. They offered me a few options, but what it all came down to was drawing out his discomfort with no real likelihood that his quality of life would improve. When I asked the vet what he'd recommend, he said it would be best to let him go.

So he's gone.

I know it was the right thing to do, but it sure feels bad.
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Sammy had an emergency vet visit last night and I think he's doing better. He's also got an appointment for Monday morning.

However, Mom called to tell me that my grandfather died late last night.

I don't want to be grown up right now.
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I think I need to make a vet appointment for Sammy.

He's been losing weight for a while. I wasn't concerned at first because I figured he was just showing his age - he's at least seventeen or eighteen years old. He still had energy and his coat was healthy and sleek; I phased him into canned food thinking it might be a little easier for him, but he didn't seem to be in any discomfort so that was all I did.

But he's kept on losing weight, and now he's way too thin. The past couple weeks or so he's started to seem uncomfortable, and I think he's constipated.

I think he needs to see a vet. But considering his age, I'm worried about what the result is going to be. :c
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The new RDJ Sherlock Holmes movie actually kind of sneaked up on me - I didn't realize it was coming out until we started making plans to go see it. I blame my lack of cable.

Overall I liked it better than the first one, thanks primarily to the plot not being the same kind of glorified Scooby Doo hoax, so yay for that. I'm still not quite 100% sold on RDJ's Holmes - Jeremy Brett, still my favorite, although I give RDJ full credit for playing Holmes just as generally obnoxious as he ought to be - but Jude Law as Watson remains one of my favorite things ever and he gets to be pretty awesome in this movie.

Some thoughts. )

In other news, the trailers, and my thought processes.

Jack the Giant Killer: Hmm, interesting.

This Means War: Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as CIA agents? Woo! - except that the whole plot appears to be about them competing for a woman who's two-timing the both of them. Fail.

Battleship: I remain convinced that this whole thing is some kind of extremely elaborate and expensive joke. Seriously, it's Battleship: The Movie. It's taking itself way too seriously not to be a stealth parody.

The Hunger Games: Guess I should get around to reading those books, huh.
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I've had the opportunity, earlier this month and again this weekend, to participate in weekend beta tests of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and since the NDA has been lifted, some thoughts:

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Meanwhile, on another note, regarding Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena, aka the Persona 4 fighting game:

Akihiko. What have you been doing?

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The new fall anime is out, so animenite is trying out a bunch of new series again:

Chihayafuru: Will probably not last at animenite, as it seems to be primarily a slice of life / romance series about a pretty but socially awkward girl with a passion for a very Japanese card game called karuta, and her two childhood friends who used to play it with her. Seems cute, and the art style is pretty, although I don't know if I'm interested enough to watch it on my own time.

Fate/Zero: Prequel to Fate/stay night, of which I have neither played the game nor watched the anime, but I've osmosed some details thanks to others I know being into it, enough to know that this is guaranteed to go nowhere good. We've seen two episodes so far and people are already losing their damn minds. In particular, Caster invoking Cthulhu made it a big hit with the animenite crowd, which makes me a little worried about this bunch.

Kimi to Boku: Slice of life about four high school boys who've been friends since childhood. Not sure what theme they're going for; the first episode was about the uptight one's efforts to get one of the two apathetic twins to join a school club, any school club. Apparently they had almost no budget for animation, as a surprising amount of the episode was only barely what you'd call animated. We spent most of the episode trying to convince Billy that yes, all four of those characters are boys. My overall reaction is pretty much "meh."

Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon: The file actually broke halfway through the episode, but nobody was too broken up about it owing to we couldn't tell what was supposed to be going on and the character designs are ridiculous. Special mention to a number of female characters who looked like they had fully-inflated helium balloons taped to their chests in place of breasts. Something about training for battle was all I got out of the episode itself; investigating online provides some further backstory about Earth being destroyed, an "upper world" which was also destroyed, the laws of causation breaking down, and... yeah, I don't know either, and I'm not sure I care too much.

Mawaru Penguindrum: Actually from the summer season, but I don't think I mentioned it before now and we're still watching it, so I might as well include it. From the mind of the guy who brought us Revolutionary Girl Utena, and it shows: two brothers take their ill sister to the aquarium, whereupon she drops dead, and is brought back to life by the penguin hat they bought her as a souvenir. The entity of the hat possesses the girl and commands her brothers to "find the Penguindrum," and crazy ensues in copious amounts. This is one of those shows where we're twelve episodes in and still nobody has any clue what's going on.

Phi Brain: Proving once again that the Japanese can make an action series about anything. This time it's puzzle-solving, which is not that far off the wall as compared to the action series about economics and the tournament sports series about baking bread. Our hero is an obsessive puzzle-solver who, in the first episode, solves a labyrinth which results in his forming "the contract of Orpheus", gaining a funky-looking gold armband and the ability to "use a hundred percent of his brain." The art style kind of bothers me. Third anime of the night to feature an appearance from Koyasu Takehito, who is once again in every damn thing (in this case, he's also in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon and Mawaru Penguindrum).

Persona 4 the Animation: I already tl;dr'ed about this one. It seems to have caught the group's interest so hopefully we'll stick with it. I have gotten around to actually playing the game as well, up to slightly past the point covered by the first episode, which turns out to have indeed greatly condensed things, probably for the better. Thus far, in spite of some reordering of events which I think works better in the episode format (specifically, the protagonist summons Izanagi during the first visit to the TV world), it's a remarkably close adaptation. We'll see how it goes from here.
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Like so.

This will be an interesting experience, since while I've played Persona 3 and am familiar with the series through it (although I take it that the main themes are rather different, what with the copious suicide imagery of P3 being replaced in P4 by... glasses?) - and have been spoiled for a lot of the major points of the game - I have not actually played Persona 4 yet.

I gather from reactions elsewhere on the interwebs that the first episode trims down the game's prologue considerably, but it didn't read to me as particularly rushed, even though it did launch pretty promptly into crazy what with the dead body hanging from the TV antenna and people getting sucked into televisions. In any case, we have our basic premise - new transfer student! murders! strange happenings on midnight TV! - and I'm interested enough to keep watching.

I'm amused at how many artifacts of the game seem to have made it in, from the ingame calendar progression, Yu's stats being displayed in the eyecatch, alertness-blinks and sweatdrops and, apparently a good bit of the game's actual soundtrack. Yu has very little personality through most of the episode, but since his social stats are (the eyecatch helpfully informs us) all at 0, we can hope that the guiding hand of character development will help him become more of a presence in the plot once there's more to do than watch Chie harass Yousuke all the time. At the very least, he certainly takes a level in something in the last scene...

I don't think the episode really hit its stride until right at the end, but the last scene was definitely an attention-grabber. I'm willing to suppose that it's a Persona tradition for the protagonist to seem simultaneously badass and kind of creepy when they awaken to their Persona for the first time; if so, Yu is living up to his source material like a champ. I have nothing invested in the original game and I still got a thrill.

Dammit, why can't P3 get an anime like this, instead of Trinity Soul?

...oh, copious suicide imagery. Right.
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I've still been watching, but between one thing and another I have not... really... been on LJ all that much or been able to put my thoughts into any coherent order. I have no tldr to offer about the last four episodes, but allow me to summarize my reactions thus:

Episode 21 - :D

Episode 22 - :|

Episode 23 - ... :|

Episode 24 - D: D: D:

I've also gotten around to watching the first episode of Sherlock (the BBC modern update starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman). It's entertaining, and the episode adapts "A Study In Scarlet" to the present remarkably well, including injokes for those familiar with the original story. I am not so sure about the depiction of Holmes as a "high-functioning sociopath" who solves mysteries neither to pay the bills nor out of any sense of justice but only to stave off boredom (rather than a combination of all three). On the other hand, Martin Freeman's Watson is fantastic.
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"Full of Courtesy, Full of Craft," or: "Oh crap oh crap oh crap."

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"There's No Way Out" - very aptly titled. It was sort of like watching a slow, very gradual, completely unavoidable train wreck.

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Six more episodes. I'll just... leave this here as a tension-breaker:

(Oh, Kotetsu, this is why Kaede will never think you're cool.)
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"Ignorance Is Bliss," which in this case actually means "yeah, remember the breather we gave you last episode? Hope you enjoyed that while it lasted."

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This was a restful episode compared to last week's punch-in-the-face, so yay for that.

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So it turns out what "Truth lies at the bottom of a well" really means is "I did not see that coming."

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The general plan for this episode seems to have been "hey, the past few episodes were pretty tense, huh? time for some balls-out ridiculousness."

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Not related to the episode, but I am finding myself so entertained by this. Explanation: basically, from a blink-and-you-miss-it screenshot, someone out there in the fandom concluded that Kotetsu wears Kenzo Pour Homme cologne.

And the fans started buying it.

Apparently in significant numbers.

I'd be entertained by this regardless, but the fact that it's happening in the fandom of a show about corporate-sponsored product placement superheroes - complete with shameless product placement for real-world companies - is cracking me right up. I've heard rumors that the same thing is happening with Brooks Wines.

...Of course, I laugh, but I'm severely tempted to shell out the money for a Wild Tiger t-shirt. And if I could find the Hero TV Staff shirt on a site that had English-language ordering I'd definitely buy one. (It has a tiny hidden Origami Cyclone on it! This is the best thing ever.)

But getting on to the actual episode... )
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I'm one of those awful people who can listen to the same album on repeat for days.

In my defense, I do this only because I don't have a roommate to annoy with it and the cats haven't complained yet.

This confession has been brought to you by NICO Touches the Walls' Passenger album, which I discovered in the process of trying to track down the OP of [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility, which also has a pretty cool title sequence, btw. (This is the action show about economics, for those I've mentioned it to.)

Edit: Also, Molotov Jukebox's "Laid to Rest," which has brought my total number of Luck Gandor theme songs up to two. Please let me stay, please let me stay, but he's trying to get me out the door in his diplomatic way.
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I said I would, so here's some Tiger & Bunny fanart links.

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