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I spent a lot of yesterday evening reading plot dissections of various movies, which has given me, at least temporarily, a new perspective on the subject of constructing plot... always my weak point, in terms of writing, and (along with the more general problem of sustaining motivation) one of the main things that has prevented me from writing long and/or plot-based fiction as opposed to short character pieces.

I would like to write long fiction. Obviously motivation is, as always, the larger issue, but I think if I felt better able to construct plots I would find it at least a little easier to stay motivated.

Because I have nothing better to do, I'm choosing to approach this meme-style. I've picked out the longer and more plot-reliant ideas from my list of stuff I want to write, particularly the original fiction ideas, and I'm poking them until things fall out.

Or not, as the case may be.

Today's question starts from something I'm familiar with - character. Specifically, the protagonist's goals. And it's funny because the question What does the protagonist want? seems like it should practically answer itself, but when I apply it to my existing ideas, sometimes it's a bit of a stumper.

What I'm finding with my original ideas is that the male leads have fairly clear, straightforward goals: Get revenge. Free my country. Protect my neighborhood. Get these ghosts to stop messing with me, wtf.

The female leads... don't, so much. They tend to start off with no particular goal beyond going on as they started off and, you know, not dying, and while not dying is a valid goal, it's not setting the bar very high. And all things considered, if your primary goal is "to not die," the reasonable course of action would be to stay the hell away from plot. That shit will kill you.

It's kind of disturbing to realize this about my own ideas, especially since my intent is for the ladies to be the ones making things happen, and yet I seem to have set them up to be reacting instead of acting.

It's a little easier with the fanfic ideas since the characters tend to come prepackaged with existing goals before I ever get hold of them. I'm not noticing that the ladies in my fanfic ideas have the same passivity as the ones in my original ideas, which is both encouraging (in that it's not happening in everything I write, which would be really creepy) and troubling (so why is it happening in my original fiction?).

Will have to work on this.
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Have gone back and updated my grand list of stuff I want to write.

Current goal is still to finish that Gundam SEED request fic I posted about a couple of days ago, and then hopefully "Fortune Favors the Brave," though my attention span hasn't entirely been cooperating lately.

In unrelated news, I am heading to A-Kon on Friday tomorrow. SURPRISE. I'll be taking my laptop and should have internet access while I'm there, so my friendslist will probably not notice the difference, but, you know. FYI.
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Remember how a bit back I mentioned that I kind of wanted to write a Gundam SEED Star Wars AU?

...yeah, I still really kind of want to do that.

Fortunately I am not yet Seized With Inspiration for it, which is an odd thing to say "fortunately" about, but I have plenty other fannish things to fixate on right now, and I'm still working on "Fortune Favors the Brave," not to mention all those notecards that I've done up in preparation for making serious headway on "With Good Intentions," so it is definitely just as well.

And yet...

Here are some thoughts, so that I may find them later when I want them. )

Am I completely insane for even thinking about this?
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I'm channelling my renewed inspiration for Final Fantasy VIII fanfic into finally trying to get somewhere with "With Good Intentions," my grand ambitious multi-chapter For Want Of A Nail plot.

For variety, I'm trying the notecard method, which at first blush seems to be working nicely. The main obstacle at the moment, aside from my perpetually short attention span, is that so much of the plot involves politics, a subject on which I am mostly in the dark and which I can't just flagrantly ignore because Rinoa is my viewpoint character and she's interested in that kind of thing. That it's the politics of fictional nations only helps a little, but I am making some progress in sorting out exactly what's going on there.

The other problem I'm noticing is that Ellone is pretty much a nonentity throughout the storyline, but in fairness, that's true in canon as well. I'll have to figure out ways to involve her in more scenes, but it's difficult to bring myself to give her things to do that I could give to Raine or Laguna instead, since I like them so much more.
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Current terrible idea occupying my brain: a bizarre Gundam SEED/Star Wars AU hybrid. Mostly because Murrue would make a fantastic Jedi.

Of course, about the only thing this idea has going for it aside from that is that ridiculous Gundam SEED names and ridiculous Star Wars names go reasonably well together...
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Continuing my fangirling of Mass Effect and adding to the List Of Things I Want To Write: 28 prompts for Mass Effect fics obtained by running through my iTunes playlist.

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Watched some more Glass Fleet.

It's still kind of on crack. Cut for length and oblique nonspecific pseudo-spoilers. And crazy. )

Meanwhile, probably because it's Global Plot Tiems on BnB... I'm getting random fiction ideas. For one thing, as already mentioned, I've gotten renewed inspiration for that FFVIII Squalltimecia fic; I'm also inspired once again to write "Persistence of Memory," which I originally plotted something like four years ago and never wrote because Squall's deep thoughts are hard for me to write. So maybe I can turn out at least part of one or both of them sometime in the near future.

And at least one Gundam SEED fic, WTF. I'm not sure but I think this is indirectly [ profile] annwyd's fault somehow.

And a story set in an alternate version of [ profile] nexuscity which doesn't actually use any of the characters established in NC so far, what the hell, brain. It's still sketchy, as, let's face it, all of my ideas are, but presently it involves a pre-teen or teenaged girl refugee from a world that fell to a Zombie Apocalypse (heavily inspired by [ profile] funwithrage's Ivy Freeman); a Sekrit Society organized for purposes as yet unclear but related to, at least as they see it, keeping Nexus City from going all to pieces and/or getting taken over by Scary Supernatural Stuff; and the guy who ends up taking the girl in. He lives in an abandoned church, and the community in general, although aware that he's not actually an official priest, accepts him as the next thing to because, let's face it, Nexus City doesn't exactly have a seminary or whatever it is that Catholics go through to become priests.

The community in general doesn't know that he's one of the aforementioned Sekrit Society's wet-works men, but what they don't know won't hurt them. At least not so long as he kills it first.

This is so done in so many ways, but whatever.
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So I've been stewing on the four fics I owe for that prompt meme I posted, and I will get them all done before the end of the month, I promise.

In the meantime, though, I've also been stewing on that original fantasy idea I'm planning to do for NaNoWriMo. I'm getting a clearer notion of the plot, although there are still a lot of gaps to fill in.

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It is probably the result of hitting springtime again that I feel suddenly inspired to write more. (Well, that and scening on TIG woke up my SEEDfic muse, which is a little awkward since I think the moment has kind of passed for everyone else, but whatever.) Suddenly I have... ideas again! Holy shit.

Well, okay, a lot of these ideas I have had for quite a while and just not done much with them.

But anyway. With the signs of my inspiration renewing itself, it's about the time of year for me to organize a list of Fic Ideas I Plan To Write, in the hopes of actually getting around to some of them this time.

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wtf, brain

Aug. 8th, 2006 11:22 am
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Of all the possible Ouran fic ideas, why is the very first one I get a wacky future Only The Ring Finger Knows crossover? o_O
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I have been trying to write an Andy/Murrue fic since February.

That is kind of sad.

Particularly since I really haven't made much progress worth mentioning. I have an assortment of ideas, but they have yet to gel into an actual fic. I tried a bit of semi-stream-of-consciousness noodling with just dialogue to see what I could shake loose, but I can't say it's helped all that much.

extremely fragmentary random Andy/Murrue dialogue snippets )

The idea that I'm simmering focuses on Valentine's Day and the unique significance it holds in the SEEDverse following Bloody Valentine and the ensuing war - there's something really intriguing about seeing an established lovers' holiday turn into a day for remembering grief and loss, and the particular perspective that Andy and Murrue would have on it, having both lost the ones they loved to the war. Understanding one another's grief draws them together, but it can't be easy to build a relationship when the ghosts of both your lost loves are (metaphorically) still so present.

I don't have a storyline, just an assortment of things I'd like to explore, like how Andy, who as a Coordinator and a soldier must be accustomed to a high level of physical ability, deals with physical disability - and more significantly how he settles into a civilian life and how much he has to struggle with boredom (cribbing shamelessly from the novelization, in which he refers to boredom as "my oldest enemy" and is pleased after first fighting Kira because he's found a stimulating challenge) - how the two of them came to be living together as shown in the earlier parts of Destiny, the reason for which I imagine must have been a series of practical considerations (Andy having to get used to brand new prosthesis, Murrue needing a place to live since she can't really go back to the Atlantic Federation after deserting) carefully arranged around the more basic need to not be alone - the basic concept of the relationship, mutual support and life going on and really not being about Romance or Passion or zomg True Love because at this point they've been there and done that and don't need to cover that ground again, and God, Murrue's tired of being the one left behind - and finding the balance between honoring the memory of the one you loved, and not being so tied to those memories that you aren't really living the life that they died to protect.

And I am embarrassed at how long it took me just to hack out those last two paragraphs. :(

Edit: I also kind of want to make some use of Derek Walcott's "Sea Canes," which may be cheap of me, but...

cut for awesome )
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Because making lists about it is easier than actually doing it, especially when I'm crampy.

"Tomorrow Never Comes" (the cardboard box fic) - low-grade post-Seed Murrue angst. (in progress)

"The Best of Intentions" - FFVIII what-if AU; if Squall's life doesn't suck, the world ends. (begun, but a bit stalled right now)

"Lion Passant" - Kingdom Hearts speculative Leon character study / why Leon hangs around Traverse Town brooding instead of marching off to kick Heartless ass / Leon as a failed Keyblade Bearer. (way stalled; waiting for KHII, which hopefully won't kill it with new canon)

"Persistence of Memory" - FFVIII, Squall being emo after the Tomb of the Unknown King. (vaguely summarized)

"The Find Out More About Zell Committee" - gratuitous FFVIII disc 2 library-girl-and-friends cuteness. (vaguely summarized)

"Acceptable Losses" - Sutherland Just Not Getting It circa Gundam Seed phase 34-35.

Post-Gluhen Weiss Kreuz alternafic; Aya-chan hires amnesiac PI Yoji to find her brother, chaos ensues.

"Guardian" - FFVIII character study foo; Bahamut noses around in Squall's head shortly following the Deep Sea Deposit.

"Legacy" - FFVIII pregame view of the significance of Squall's Griever ring and the origins of its name. (more or less outlined)

FFVIII Odin/Centra Ruins sidequest fic because why not. (outlined)

FFVIII campout comedy, with s'mores, damn it [ profile] ahumblepen.

Various and sundry FFVIII Squall/Rinoa [ profile] 30kisses fics I mostly don't have ideas for but which may or may not include Squall being Broken in the Training Center because that's what it's for, Squall frustrating Rinoa by not so much grokking the concept of giving one's girlfriend flowers, Rinoa reflecting on how Squall's methods of expressing affection are Not Like Other People's, Rinoa encountering Seifer postgame, and/or Laguna and General Caraway watching and discussing their children.

"Grau" - the obligatory Weiss Kreuz / Noir crossover.
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Have not written so much in the past couple days. But with fall, and therefore November and NaNoWriMo getting closer, I've been further pondering the whole Fate & Luck business. More and more I'm thinking that I'd like to do this in a more steampunkish setting rather than simply using the modern world. That may be the [ profile] rosemush influence talking, but it also opens up the possibility of including the whole mess of pseudosciences that people came up with back when science was still a pretty new concept, and gives me more opportunities to play around with the ways that the various personifications' spheres of influence run up against the mortal world, and how they interact with the world, and stuff like that.

But I still don't really have much of a plot. I'm toying with the idea of trying to come up with a storyline involving Luck's sister, and giving her stuff to do that doesn't directly involve Fate or Luck, at least not until the shit really starts hitting the fan. There's always the possibility of having Fate's plan determine some nasty fate for her, since that would definitely bring Fate and Luck into conflict, but I certainly don't want her to be a passive participant in all of this. Using the steampunk setting gives me the option of having people try to use their newfound sciences for Something Big that could go Catastrophically Wrong... still chewing on this.

Also stewing over some parallels between Fate & Luck's dynamic in the pairings of Art and Science, and Love and Lust... other possible personifications are Fear, Beauty, Memory, Sleep and Dream... I already have general concepts for Nature and Death... And I could include Chaos as an antagonist as well, but I don't know that there's really room. While Chaos would oppose Fate, that would also take away from the whole theme of free will and taking responsibility for your actions and blah blah fishcakes.

Anyway, off to work now.
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More random thoughts on that whole personification thing... I'm kind of thinking I'd like to put it in a setting that's not the normal modern world, but has elements of the modern and the fantastic, kind of. Of course, that means I have to world-build...

Also, on the issue of the plot, I wonder if I could come up with something to be going on in the human world at the same time as Fate and Luck are going through their issues... maybe involving Luck's hypothetical sister. Again, no real ideas yet, but maybe something will come to me.
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Rediscovered "Play By Ear," an FFVIII vignette I started way back when and never finished. I have now finished it, though I'm not posting it quite yet because it's sorely in need of some refining. (Anybody want to beta?)

Nevertheless, the writing streak continues! Next up... I should do some more work on "Lion Passant" or that what-if. Or something for [ profile] 30kisses. Maybe. Possibly. I have this vague notion of trying to make Laguna and General Caraway have a conversation about their respective children. Because I'm mean.
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Random contemplation regarding that whole anthropomorphic-personifications-of-concepts fiction idea that I have yet to do anything with... I've established Fate in my mind as following a bigger plan, one not of his (conscious) making, but I've never been able to settle on just who or what that plan does come from, or how to enforce the bad luck parts of Luck's position to keep him from going about being nice to people and only giving bad luck to people who deserve it.

But suppose the plan actually isn't formed by a higher power, and there isn't anything keeping Luck from meting out luck the way he wants to? Suppose instead that what Fate thinks is a plan is actually a combination of the necessity of balancing what Luck does to maintain the essentially random nature of life, and a subconscious way for Fate to justify the really crappy things he has to do to people whenever Luck gets too generous?

You'd think a setup like that would cause Fate to burn out faster than Luck... except Fate has his belief in the plan (and his own personal damage) to keep him steady, and Lucks keep burning out because they're stuck with Fate.

(And wow would it suck for Fate to actually realize all of this...)
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According to The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference, "margaritomancy" is a form of divination involving pearls.

I am struck by the urge to revive my urban fantasy PI storyline in order to set up a joke involving this term, my main character, her witchcraft-practicing associate, and some tequila.

Note to self: next time I'm in a bookstore, must check the New Age section for something to use as a reference for veg-o-magic.



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