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Jul. 7th, 2009 10:57 am
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Stolen from [ profile] infinitepryde:

Inspired by Doctor Who's "Turn Left:" Pick one of my stories and tell me a point in the tale that you'd change. Something tiny (e.g. "and then Fay chose silver glitter instead of gold") or big (e.g. "and then Rose was arrested instead of Jack") and I'll tell you how that one difference would have altered the course of the entire story.

Since I usually write shortfic which doesn't especially lend itself to this sort of thing, I will expand "story" to include RP and canon. Have at.
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Finally finished watching Blood+. It was not nearly as bad as I feared. I will admit, however, that a large part of the entertainment value of the series had by this point become watching people on the TVWoP forum explain what was going on to those who were having trouble following:

snipped for Other People's Words )

Other things that are amusing me lately: Saiunkoku Monogatari, which I am too out of it to properly explain at the moment, but it's kind of like Ouran High School Host Club in feudal fantasy China with politics and open bisexuality. Srsly.

Also the Legion Abstract, which I recommend to the LSH fans on my flist. Reviews and synopses of all current ongoing Legion storylines, including threeboot, the stuff going on in Action Comics, the cartoon, and the comic of the cartoon, but more interesting than these are the writeups on signature moments of each Legionnaire and other random Legion-related stuff. I live in hope that he will eventually get around to a writeup on Magno, because thus far it's taken characters on the level of Atmos, Visi-Lad, and Calamity King to reduce him to "yeah, he was here, he didn't really do anything, we don't care, moving on," and any kind of appreciation for Magno as a character makes me happy.

Plus, he's funny:

snipped again )

Not to mention that he actually went to the trouble of explaining the entirety of Mon-El's continuity, which, dear God. Anyway, Legion fans, check it out. Makes for some interesting reading.
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Title: The Greater Good
Fandom: Legion of Super-Heroes (post-Zero Hour)
Characters: Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy, Dyrk Magz
Wordcount: 1560
Status: Complete
Warnings: Second person narrative wtf?
Summary: Cos and Dyrk in Legion Worlds #3, from Rokk's perspective. Let him leave believing that you've failed him.
Notes: Written for a prompt from [ profile] evilbeej: Rokk Krinn and Dyrk Magz, oh God let it not be you, from Peter Gabriel's "No Way Out."

I'm not quitting on you )
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Written for [ profile] infinitepryde's request: Dyrk Magz, back to the place of my worst defeat.

running head-on to things that knock me down over again )
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Today was a pretty good TV day.

Legion of Super-Heroes s2 )

Heroes )

Journeyman )
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It is probably the result of hitting springtime again that I feel suddenly inspired to write more. (Well, that and scening on TIG woke up my SEEDfic muse, which is a little awkward since I think the moment has kind of passed for everyone else, but whatever.) Suddenly I have... ideas again! Holy shit.

Well, okay, a lot of these ideas I have had for quite a while and just not done much with them.

But anyway. With the signs of my inspiration renewing itself, it's about the time of year for me to organize a list of Fic Ideas I Plan To Write, in the hopes of actually getting around to some of them this time.

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I now own a hot cocoa maker.

It's a kitchen appliance that makes hot cocoa. Doesn't really have any other use that I can think of.

Yes, I can make hot cocoa perfectly well with a microwave and a spoon.

It's a nifty little gadget anyhow. I can't help it, I love kitchen gadgets. And it does churn out a pretty nice cup of hot cocoa.

Granted, the fact that I gave it Godiva hot cocoa mix to work with may have had something to do with that.



Also: new icon. Because I didn't have enough Dyrk icons. Or something.
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So [ profile] kelen didn't request a drabble and this has nothing to do with the holidays. It had to be written anyhow. Merry Christmas, [ profile] kelen, it's all your fault. I am a helpless slave to inspiration.

Also, it amused me.

Fandom: Legion of Superheroes
Title: This Can't End Well
Rating: PG
Words: 366

Why Dyrk never asked Brainy for help with fixing his powers. )


Nov. 19th, 2006 07:05 pm
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I had a few relatively unimportant things to do today. So instead of doing them, I made a whole bunch of Dyrk icons. Just because.

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GIP. If you can read this, he's not talking to you.
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Probably only funny to me...

...but I find it hysterical.


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