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Now that I've calmed down some, let me discuss Mass Effect 3.

Stuff I did not like: )

The Ending )

Now, with the negativity out of the way, Things I liked: )

As I gain some distance from the ending, I think, overall, it has not ruined the experience for me, and I'll be able to do another play through, perhaps through the trilogy as a whole. I'm just going to... turn the console off after the last talk with Anderson, and imagine my own ending from there.
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I finished a complete replay of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 yesterday, in preparation for ME3 coming out tomorrow. TL;DR about plot structure ensues. )

In the meantime, I've started playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, which is extremely pretty but seriously, wtf is going on? I have no idea. I like Noel, though. I choose to believe he's somehow a descendant of Squall - he looks a lot like him with no scar and slightly longer hair, and he's got that wing pattern on the back of his shirt, and it's not like Final Fantasy fandom hasn't embraced any number of theories on less evidence than that.

(Don't you dare try to fix Noel and Serah up into a romance, game.)


Feb. 15th, 2010 09:06 pm
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New icon! Because not only am I predictable, I am also a dork.

Semi-tangentially, I am attempting to gear myself back up into writing more regularly. (Again. Still.) At the moment this mostly involves doing research in the hopes of finding ways of turning completely random details (such as "I can't differentiate between dark red and black but I can see some levels of ultraviolet light") into possible plot points. Also I should, you know, finish some of the half-done stuff I still have floating around out there. That'd be nice.

No, this post has no real point. Sorry.
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To absolutely no one's surprise, I got my copy of Mass Effect 2 on Tuesday, and yes, I have lost some sleep playing it.

I'm not going to comment too much yet because I am only partway into it and still forming opinions. But the overall effect so far has, overwhelmingly, been one of "nothing is the same any more."

The game takes place two years after the first one and, without going into specifics, Commander Shepard has missed a lot of stuff. Most of the game's main plot does not particularly involve revisiting things you did and people you knew in the first game, but when it brushes up against them, you find that, well, things have changed. If it weren't for the fact that you also inevitably have scads of brief non-plot-related brushes with minor characters from the first game, most of which are rather gratifying if you played Paragon, it'd be pretty damn depressing.

As it is, I had occasion for my Shepard to return to her quarters post-Horizon, after getting smacked especially hard by how things had changed... only to find that the fish in her fish tank had all gone belly up.


Not exactly one of the top three crappiest days the character has had, but still seriously high on the list.

ME2 video

May. 15th, 2009 01:04 pm
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New Mass Effect 2 video up at BioWare's web site - a short preview and discussion of what's going to be unveiled and demo'd at E3.
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Caught some interviews with Bioware staff on Gametrailers TV last night, including some new information on Mass Effect 2, most of which pleased me. They're still being cagey about Shepard's status, of course, but they did mention that the player character's identity would be confirmed at E3... and I'm not really that worked up about it anyhow, so it's all good.

Cut for the disinterested. )
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Yesterday BioWare released the first one-minute teaser for Mass Effect 2.

The fanbase is already going insane. It's kind of fun to watch.

(Edit to add new icon. Couldn't resist.)
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I broke 20,000 words - with great effort - for NaNoWriMo, but I've more or less hit a wall at this point, and I'm going to have to really dig in to keep myself from falling any further behind.

In order to let myself feel like I am actually accomplishing something, here's a fic. It's something like a second draft, and there are still rough bits that need work - the first several paragraphs before the dialogue starts leave me feeling profoundly "meh," and I suspect I'm not doing Kaidan's narrative voice any credit at all - but I am more or less content enough with it to put it up and maybe get some feedback.

Title: Easy as Life
Fandom: Mass Effect
Wordcount: 3,065
Warnings: Major spoilers for Virmire.
Summary: An interlude in the mess in the dark hours after Virmire: Kaidan, Shepard, and survivor's guilt.

Is this how the gods reward the faithful through the ages?
Forcing us to prove that the hardest things we've done
Are easy

So easy )
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Continuing my fangirling of Mass Effect and adding to the List Of Things I Want To Write: 28 prompts for Mass Effect fics obtained by running through my iTunes playlist.

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Still hooked on Mass Effect, yes. I've been dabbling with a male Shepard to see how I like it, and although I'm not very far in yet, I have to say that I much prefer female!Shepard so far.

Why is that?

Cut for spam and nattering about gender roles, yay. No particular spoilers. )
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So, I've been a bit hooked on Mass Effect lately.

It's easily the best game I've played in a while, and I heartily recommend it to the RPG players on my flist. I finished one play-through and then immediately started a second one; that's how good this is.

It helps that there are approximately six billion different choices you can make during the course of the game, with various entertaining effects. And by 'various entertaining effects' I mean things like 'talk your way through an entire sidequest and resolve it without anyone firing a shot,' 'punch out a reporter in the middle of a recorded interview,' and 'sexually harrass your subordinate.' Among many others. Every time you turn around.

(I find that last one in particular hilarious for reasons I can't entirely explain. It totally is sexual harrassment, too. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of you serving under me yet, Lieutenant." Bwah.)

I haven't had the heart yet to more than dabble with the Renegade options, but even playing as a Paragon, Shepard is pretty damn badass. Jennifer Hale's voice acting has a lot to do with that, probably - it pleases me to be able to play her as a woman, especially since doing so means that the party has more women in it than men. Although all the characters are mostly pretty cool. I am much more of a characterization / storyline gamer than I am a gameplay gamer, so it's really the characters and the epic space opera storyline and the depth of the setting that make the game for me... especially since Shepard's characterization is tweakable and the storyline is coherent - even cinematic - but not 100% linear.

With regards to the gameplay, however, I don't have any complaints about it. It's basically a third-person shooter, which I was not expecting and which took some getting used to, but I haven't had a lot of patience for the bog-standard RPG whoosh-to-combat-mode everyone-glued-into-formation turn-based stuff ever since games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XII proved it wasn't necessary. I am always in favor of more seamless gameplay/storyline integration.

So, yeah. Mass Effect = good stuff, and people should play it. I'm very much looking forward to the sequel, which promises to draw information from your old saves. But in the meantime, there's a lot of replay value left.


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