Nov. 30th, 2008 09:54 pm
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50,039 words, as of approximately 7:13 this evening. \o/
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Current wordcount: 25,094

Halfway point!

Of course, Sunday's wordcount goal was 26,672, so I am still a day behind, and sort of scraping the bottom of the inspiration barrel, but I did get out some bits that I particularly liked today.
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Current total wordcount: 11,920 (!)
Target total wordcount for Nov. 8: 13,336
Wordcount needed for Saturday in order to stay on track: 1,416
If things go really well and I start feeling ambitious, I can shoot for 15,003, which would put me a day ahead. I don't consider this very likely, however.

In addition to the pieces mentioned in my last post, I've sketched in the beginnings of "Right Here, Right Now" and "No Way Out" (very roughly sketched in the latter case), so in a sense the first drafts of both are complete. I also more or less finished a piece I began ages ago which I am tentatively titling "Find Your Way," mostly finished the first draft of "The Last Night of the World," and did some very broad-stroke plot summaries of "With Good Intentions" and the rewrite of "After the Storm."


Next up... I'm not really sure. At this point I've sort of burned through all the Fresh New Ideas I had, although I do still have plenty of old ones to pick up and dust off. "Persistence of Memory" is a reasonably good bet, and I've got at least one bit of "My Heart Dances" in mind that I should get down before I forget it. If I can keep this momentum going I might be able to get into the actual original novel-length stuff I've been vaguely meaning to write for approximately forever.

For now, however, zzz.
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Current total wordcount: 6218
Target total wordcount for Nov. 5: 8335
Wordcount needed for today in order to stay on track: 2117
Failing that: 1117 so as to be no more than 1000 words behind target

First draft of "Easy as Life" complete, albeit desperately in need of revision before it's fit for anyone else to read. That'll come in December.
"Semper Fidelis" plot synopsis written, no actual writing done on it yet.
Plot synopsis of "Vigil" also written, but the order of the scenes not remotely established yet so it's basically a collection of bits on index cards awaiting reshuffling.

Next up, most likely "Right Here, Right Now" or "No Way Out." If I get stuck on those, I could also try working on "Persistence of Memory," "After the Storm," or the bit with the terrorists at the research facility, which has taken shape enough in my head that I should at least pre-write it before I forget what I had in mind.

Currently: sleepy but hopeful!

Edit: Total wordcount now is 7487, 848 behind target. Tomorrow will not be a good writing day but I'll try to keep from falling any further behind, even if I can't get caught up.
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350 words. Blame [ profile] ahumblepen for suggesting "cannibal" as a prompt.

There's a terminal standing open, its casing removed and its wiring and components pulled out and spread over the floor, the guts of eviscerated machinery spilled out and exposed to the air. Half a dozen other bits of electronics lie scattered around it, broken open and recklessly scavenged for their parts to create a Frankenstein's monster of a system, bits of wire patched together and insulated with lumpy layers of electrical tape, circuit boards and components rigged in, ill-fitting and sticking out at odd angles. The mad doctor responsible for this bastard abomination of makeshift engineering sits hunched over it with a screwdriver, grimly prying out another of its vitals and dragging it into the light for inspection.

After a moment it's tossed carelessly away with a hissing sigh of dissatisfaction; it clunks a few times against the floor before it comes to rest amidst an assortment of other technological disjecta membra. "No good. Damn it, that one's shot too."

There are some moments of groping about, but a replacement part fails to conjure itself up from amidst the scattered components, and he swears again and bangs his fist against the frame. "Damn it! Piece of--" A sharp edge of the metal frame splits the skin and his voice breaks off in a snarl as he brings his hand to his mouth, tasting the tang of his own blood. "Oh no you don't," he grumbles, the words muffled around his hand. "Don't think you're going to beat me by giving me tetanus, bitch."

The quick patter of footsteps from across the way stops short. "I think maybe you've been working on that a little too long."

His head comes up and swivels toward her, and his attention fixes almost immediately on the object in her hands. "What's that?" He points.

"Just a notebook..."

"Does it work?"

"...kind of?"

"Well, give it here!" He gestures impatiently, grabbing at the air until she's come close enough that he can snatch the electronic notebook out of her hands and apply the screwdriver with determined, murderous vigor.
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So I've been stewing on the four fics I owe for that prompt meme I posted, and I will get them all done before the end of the month, I promise.

In the meantime, though, I've also been stewing on that original fantasy idea I'm planning to do for NaNoWriMo. I'm getting a clearer notion of the plot, although there are still a lot of gaps to fill in.

Cut for spam. )
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Oh, hey, look, it's almost October. And that means it's almost November. And that means NaNoWriMo.

As usual, I have an idea to run with for the month, but as usual, my problem is more likely to be lack of motivation than lack of ideas. So, in the interests of trying to get into the groove of writing daily, let's have a fic prompt meme.

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Okay, so this one's just a jumbled mess. At least I got it done.

Exercise #5: Wing - 1014 words. )
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It's October, which means that next month is National Novel Writing Month. I'be been a participant since 2002, but have yet to complete the goal of 50,000 words in 30 days, something I hope to change this year.

I'll be posting my progress to my LJ on a filter, so if anyone would like to read it, please comment here and I'll add you. I'll also do my best to comment on any NaNoWriMo posts others make, in the hopes of encouraging my fellow novelists.

Things left to do before November:

Wordsplat - "Wing"
Wordsplat - "Treason"
Wordsplat - "Home"
(I think there was another one, too.) Wordsplat - "Anticipation," thank you [ profile] kevasangel74
all suggested by [ profile] kevasangel74.

Figure out what the hell a phoenix down looks like. Thank you, [ profile] infinitepryde. For some reason I never actually think of feathers when I think "phoenix down," even though, duh, down.

Clean the study.

Put together a playlist for writing purposes.

I still plan to do memefic for those who posted [ profile] thenowhere's meme, but I'm putting that on hold until after November, the better to gear up for the challenge.
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(NaNo Filter)

9,214 words; I'm still a little behind from not writing yesterday, but I finished off chapter two completely - about 3,205 words in a sitting. And boy does it suck. :)

I guess I shouldn't complain, as well as it flowed once I got into the action. Had to skip a bit of the journey to the fire cavern; it just got too boring to continue with.

My current favorite excerpt, posted in accordance with [ profile] narli's suggestion:

Excerpt. )
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Why oh why do I get fanfic ideas two days before NaNoWriMo?

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Have discovered that soda is not really necessary, but something sweet to drink is. Foresee laying in a stock of Kool-Aid and/or Crystal Light for November. Hot chocolate and/or apple cider may also be not a bad idea.


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