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It's been a while, so I will try a meme:

Name a character and I'll give you (a) three (or more) facts about them from my personal fanon, (b) three (or more) things that never happened to that character, or (c) three (or more) people that character never fell in love with and how. You pick the character; I pick the letter. I reserve the right to say, "oops, I don't know that character, please pick another."
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EXTREMELY LATE VALENTINE'S FIC for [ profile] annwyd. I'm sorry it's not longer for being so belated. u_u The SEED timeline refused to cooperate with my original idea, but hopefully you will enjoy this too?

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I did say that the next fic I wrote for these characters would involve something actually significant to characterization. I suppose it's mostly more of the same, but I am pleased with it - brought about entirely as a result of the scene in phase 30 in which Mwu comes down uncharacteristically hard on Kira for being emo about the events of the previous episode.

I admit I am a little embarassed about posting it, given fandom drama, but, well. Now, aside from working on complicated Andy/Murrue and trianglefic which will probably take me forever to work out, I think I will remind myself that I can write for other fandoms.

In the meantime, here's a bit of SEEDfic.

The last dregs of the adrenaline of combat gave out as the lift began its descent from the bridge. )
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And because the other fic I posted today actually had purpose to it and significance with regards to characterization and that good stuff...'s some totally gratuitous Mwu/Murrue fluff.

I'm kind of embarrassed by this one; it bears a resemblance to some of the more annoying fic I've found elsewhere in the fandom, and I should know better. (The resemblance mostly lying in the whole concept of Murrue Working Too Hard and Mwu Coming To The Rescue, although there is certainly a basis for it in canon; the annoyance comes more from the fact that there's too much fic out there casting Murrue as the workaholic who determinedly neglects her own well-being and Mwu as the wise, with-it guy who is there to take care of her and doesn't seem to have problems of his own. I hate the idea of perpetuating that kind of thing.) It came about mostly as an excuse for Mwu's remark about discipline (because he so would).

Next fic I write for these characters will be less pointless, I promise.

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So I said I shouldn't write any more Destiny fic without watching more Destiny, but this afternoon was a slow call day and I've been officially warned off using the internet on work computers any more, and when I get bored, these things just happen. Have some more sketchy, gratuitous Neo/Murrue. Because Neo gets it too easy in most Destiny fic that I've read.

What is that? 'What feels right.' )
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I need to actually watch more of Destiny before I start writing fics within its continuity, but they do so little with Neo/Murrue that this probably isn't overstepping canon appreciably.

Still kind of planning to try to Fix Neo In Fanfic - or at least Explain Neo In Fanfic, which is not the same thing exactly - but this is not really part of that effort so much as something that just wandered into my head between what scenes Destiny actually gives the two characters.

I will have to check canon before I actually post it anywhere else, but in the meantime, here it is, because why not.

What kind of captain bothers herself with the wants of a prisoner? )
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You thought I was joking, didn't you?

Yes, this one is silly. But come on. I can't be the only person who's had this thought about the Archangel's wacky artificial gravity.

Warning: not-so-subtly implied adult situations. In zero gravity! )
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Work is strangely good for encouraging me to write, in spite of the fact that it means I'm inevitably interrupted every few words or so by calls and the result comes out all choppy. You'd think I'd wait until I got home and had uninterrupted time. But no.

This one is light humor and not particularly important, in any case; a casual jab at the various and sundry fics in which, for some reason, their relationship is a Big Sekrit.

No, really, everybody knows. )

The dialogue is awkward, I know. I tried giving the Random Crewmen names, but didn't like the result. It could probably use some more poking at.
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Mornings came dark and early on a warship. )

I am only turning out another ficlet this quickly because I had this one mostly written out in my head already, and just hadn't put it in text because of its shortness and the fact that, well, it's totally senseless fluff. No particular statements re: characterization to be had here, aside from maybe some general commentary on the fact that they generally seem pretty comfortable with each other, yes, even when sex is involved, and they are adults and soldiers and the military is a part of both their lives and they will act like it, yes, even when sex is involved.

But that's only if you squint. Mostly I just wanted an excuse for Murrue to make that crack about mutiny.
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I am staging a takeover of the Gundam SEED section at Or at least the Mwu/Murrue corner of it, because the lack of decent characterization for them hurts me.

So have a ficlet. )

Sorry, [ profile] annwyd, it's not zero-gravity sex. Maybe next time.

What I really need to work on is that FFVIII AU. It is simmering, back-burner style, while I contemplate actual plot beyond "if Squall's life doesn't suck, the world ends" and a random assortment of cuteness. Rinoa's interest in politics slows me down; if Squall were my POV character I could just ignore it, but she persists in wanting to know what Laguna and her father are up to and that means I have to figure out what they are up to. Bah.
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I am... not sure where this dialogue came from, exactly. But in any case, many thanks to [ profile] varcel for all the helpful material regarding warfare, little of which actually appears in the writing, but which was vital in bringing it together all the same. (Thanks also to [ profile] funwithrage and [ profile] thenowhere for telling me it doesn't suck.)

The title was cribbed wholesale from Michael Williams, and I don't suppose it fits, but hell if I can think of better.

They don't talk about after the war. )


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