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So, this Captain Awkward article (warning: potentially triggery stuff) has been making the rounds of the internet lately, but I'm going to spread it a little farther because I think it's something pretty much everyone should know - this and John Scalzi's advice on how to avoid being perceived as creepy, not just for the advice itself but for how educational the reader comments to it are as well.

'Cause there's an awful lot of "respecting other people's boundaries won't get me laid" and "but they mean well and it's not fair to hurt their feelings because you felt unsafe" and "it's your responsibility to keep yourself safe because you can't reasonably expect other people to not assault you if you make yourself vulnerable in any way" in there.

I mean, I've been lucky enough to avoid being subjected to the kinds of overt behavior described in the letters in the first article - but pretty much every woman in my local friend-group either has been or personally knows someone else who has. This is a thing. It happens all the damn time.
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This is really just a note to myself put in a place where I can easily revisit it at necessary intervals, because putting this stuff down on LJ is occasionally helpful:


...I should really not need to be telling myself these things. Oh well!

As an apology to the rest of the internets, have a Sky High macro:

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I think I need to make a vet appointment for Sammy.

He's been losing weight for a while. I wasn't concerned at first because I figured he was just showing his age - he's at least seventeen or eighteen years old. He still had energy and his coat was healthy and sleek; I phased him into canned food thinking it might be a little easier for him, but he didn't seem to be in any discomfort so that was all I did.

But he's kept on losing weight, and now he's way too thin. The past couple weeks or so he's started to seem uncomfortable, and I think he's constipated.

I think he needs to see a vet. But considering his age, I'm worried about what the result is going to be. :c
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I would like to know why my right ankle, hamstring, shoulder, elbow, and wrist all hurt. :|
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So I said I'd try to have an interesting story to post after I got back from Dragon*Con. what I actually came back with was a week-long case of con crud, and I'm still kind of stuffy. As a result, I've been pretty much brain-dead since I got back. Whoops!

The con was fun, overlooking the egregious amount of time I spent standing in lines - four hours on Thursday to get my badge, and then what seemed like most of the day on Saturday for one thing or another. I got to see [ profile] yang_wenli, which was cool; got my badge and my copy of Storm Front signed by Jim Butcher, saw Adam Savage's panel (and sat two rows back from the Rifftrax guys), saw Lips Down On Dixie's performance of Rocky Horror (which would have been more fun if the audience hadn't been trying really hard on the callbacks and failing equally hard), attended several dances (mostly not my thing, but the Last Party on Alderaan was kind of fun), stayed up until all hours and generally ran around a lot.

Did not make it to any of the panels Jim Butcher was on, to my disappointment, mostly because by the time they happened I was thoroughly over StandingInLine*Con, and also his main interview panel was at 10 am on Sunday and I was, uh, up until 4 am. So yeah.

Didn't buy much swag - just dice from Chessex, so as to finally have my own set for gaming, and a birthday/thanks-for-feeding-my-cats present for Jack. There were various things I considered, ranging from LSH art prints in Artist's Alley (if there'd been a Magno I would have bought it, but who am I kidding) to Metropolis PD/Gotham SWAT patches and UNIT parking tags; in most cases I ended up deciding that I could probably get them online later.

So that was Dragon*Con. I probably won't go next year, not because I don't want to so much as because I'm planning a major trip in spring that will use up a bunch of vacation time and probably tap me out financially, so I expect not to be able to afford it and aside from that I would like to have some actual time off for myself at some point in the year. 2012, maybe, if the world does not end!

The con crud emerged during the drive back on Monday and I spent Tuesday and most of Wednesday sick in bed, whee. Then I went back to work. Between one and the other, I have completely failed to have enough focus for things like tagging in online RP (which, er, really sorry about that, guys), continuing my play through of Odin Sphere (about which I'm sure I'll have more to say later), or making this LJ post. I have instead been reduced to playing a ROM of Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, the for-the-ladies version of a Japanese dating sim of the most G-rated type.

Maybe it's the NyQuil, but I'm finding it hilarious. Especially since, of all the guys in the game, the one I ended up with on my first try was not any of the main guys but instead my teacher.

Then again, he's an emotional repression case with the voice of Takehito Koyasu, so my flist will probably not find this very surprising. Stupid sexy sensei.


Jun. 26th, 2010 09:03 pm
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Latest round of 'me trying to be healthier' involves My Fitness Coach 2 on the Wii.

Don't look at me like that.

Me, trying out the workout for the first time: "That was it? Really?" *wanders off to sit down at computer*
My legs, when I try to get back up again twenty minutes later: "WAUGH."

So, we'll see. On the "eh" side I'm not honestly clear on how effective a workout this can really be - my legs currently insist that it is, thank you - but on the positive side, the Wii is right there, so maybe I will have fewer excuses not to keep up the habit.
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2009 wasn't so bad. I'm still living in the same place, still working the same job, and both of those things are okay by me. I bought a car, which has not, so far, been working out quite as well as I could have hoped, but I'm choosing to remain hopeful. I found at least one good place to eat in town that I hadn't known about before. I went to a con, which was pretty fun, and I went on a weekend trip with friends that was very fun. I got in a car accident, which was not fun at all. And, for the first time, I did not make it home for Christmas... but that turned out more or less okay, I guess.

2009 Fiction Roundup )

2009 Fandom Roundup )
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For the first time ever that I can remember, I was not able to go home for Christmas.

This is due mostly to my car once again refusing to start, this time on Christmas Eve, in a miracle of crappy timing. Ordinarily, even though I don't get much time off for Christmas, I'm able to drive down the night before, spend the night at Mom's, do Christmas Day with the family and drive back in the evening for work on the 26th.

Not this year.

But thanks to generous friends, I didn't spend the holiday alone, so I'm grateful for that. Mom will be coming up on Sunday, too. So it's all right.

Tomorrow I have to work, but after that, we're going to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Hot young Watson = yes please.

Also, whoever filled my Yuletide request is MADE OF WIN and wrote me a novelette all about Eve Genoard and the Gandor Family and unlikely partnership and Luck/Eve UST, and I love it so much I want to hug it: "While Recognizing the Importance of Luck in Certain Situations, Eve Genoard Continues to Disapprove of Gambling". (With suitably Baccano!-style subtitles for each scene, including "Inconveniently, Claire Stanfield Does Not Appear In This Story". Seriously, made of win and awesome.)
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...with a couple hitches.

I got my car back this morning! Everything was covered by insurance, including the use of the rental car for two weeks, and it looks as good as new. You can only tell where the work was done by touching the paint, because it feels smoother. They basically ended up repainting the entire back end of the car, in order to match the paint or something like that.

I got to enjoy having my car back for, oh, a few hours before I tried to go out to join some friends for dinner and it would not start.

Turns out the battery was bad. I'd had it checked like a month ago and it was fine, so I'm not sure if the auto shop guys ran it down somehow or what. It was the car's original battery, admittedly. So I got a jumpstart and went and got a new battery and everything seems okay now. But, geez.


Aug. 27th, 2009 08:18 am
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Dropping off the face of the earth this weekend until sometime Sunday. Going on vacation to a place with no internets! I will, however, have video games to keep me occupied. See everyone on the flip side; don't burn down the net while I'm gone.
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Have gone back and updated my grand list of stuff I want to write.

Current goal is still to finish that Gundam SEED request fic I posted about a couple of days ago, and then hopefully "Fortune Favors the Brave," though my attention span hasn't entirely been cooperating lately.

In unrelated news, I am heading to A-Kon on Friday tomorrow. SURPRISE. I'll be taking my laptop and should have internet access while I'm there, so my friendslist will probably not notice the difference, but, you know. FYI.
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Previously: my poor little Geo developed a terminal engine problem.

Wednesday my mother came into town and we went out in search of a replacement, having first done plenty of homework online and such, natch. First car we looked at was a nice 2008 Kia Rio with less than 10,000 miles on it which seemed to be within my price range. Unfortunately, after the dealership was done tacking on fees, the total they wanted for it was a good $2,600 more than the credit union was willing to finance, and the loan the dealership wanted to arrange had about three times the interest, so that didn't work out.

However, this was when the awesome happened. Linda, the loan agent at the credit union, proceeded to get on the phone to another dealership and get a list of three different cars that they would be able to finance, then gave us the particular guy's name and sent us over to look at those. The end result is that now I have a shiny silver 2006 Toyota Corolla with about 60,000 miles on it, which is not all that much on a Toyota. They let us take it home Wednesday night and yesterday we finalized things with the credit union and went back to the dealership with the check, and also took care of things like tag and insurance.

It's a nice car - unquestionably a big step up from my poor little Prizm.

There may be pictures later after Mom has gotten them uploaded.
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So on Saturday on my way home from work I noticed that my car was making an unpleasant knocking sound in the engine. At that point it was after 7 pm and there wasn't much I could do but go home and leave it be until Monday, but yesterday morning I got up early to check on it and, sure enough, the noise was still there and sounding even worse.

So I called into work and took it to the shop.

Apparently it is time to buy a replacement car.

Work helpfully refuses to let me have any time off until maybe Thursday and Friday of next week, so now I get to either try to rush through the entire business of finding and buying a car tomorrow - bad idea - or try to arrange for rides to and from work for... a while.
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I avoid talking about politics on my LJ, but now that we have reached this point...

I'm excited. A little scared still, too, because it's not as though everything that's been wrong in the USA has just magically been fixed, but I have a lot of hope now, and I really am excited. This is the first time I've ever been able to say that about the results of a Presidential election.

It's a great feeling.

Good job, America.
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Re-uploaded this icon just to use it for this post.

Am either still in second wind or have hit third wind, and don't actually feel more than mildly tired... but oh dear lord I ache. Especially my lower back and legs. Ow ow ow.
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Have totally not slept at all.


Am Home

May. 19th, 2008 05:43 pm
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Finally back from my trip to Atlanta to visit [ profile] yang_wenli and [ profile] persephoneflame and [ profile] erispope. I had a lot of fun, and I had to leave sooner than I wanted to, but I am glad to be back because I am very tired. I feel kind of like overexposed film.

We went to the Ren Fair - my first, very interesting. I got some pictures of the Lipizzaner horses, but other than that, the only thing I saw that made me think "I want a picture of this" was a guy dressed as a ninja, holding a sprig of some random plant, scooted up to some little potted firs doing an "I am a hedge" routine. Sadly, by the time I got the camera out, he'd stopped.

We also saw Prince Caspian, about which more later when I am less wiped. Short version: I liked it, but there are things I wish they'd done differently.

Cats are glad to have me back.

I have to work tomorrow. x_x But apparently the IRS is giving me $600, so that's cool.
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So I checked my bank balance today, after shelling out the payment for car repairs mentioned previously. $590 left. I winced.

And then it occurred to me that not only did I have almost six hundred dollars to my name not including the $2000 or $2500some tucked away in savings, I was wincing over it.

And there will be a new paycheck deposited next Friday, as per usual.

Granted, rent is going to swallow most of that whole on February 1, not to mention other bills, and this will probably serve as motivation to end a couple of subscriptions I'd been meaning to cancel anyhow...

But it's still an oddly buoying thought.


Jan. 25th, 2008 06:54 am
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Car: still in shop. Probably will be fixed sometime this morning.

I: have an 8 am appointment in court for a traffic ticket. And no other transportation.

So I get to walk.

And since I foolishly scheduled myself a half day at work rather than taking the whole day off, unless the unforseen happens and my car is not ready in time, then I have to go in to work.

Today sucks.

Edit: Oh, wait, the appointment was at 9 am. Which means I got up at 6:30 for no real reason!

Bride of Edit: Left at 8 am, walked a mile and a half - partway in the rain, whee - signed in, waited an hour for my name to be called, wrote a check, walked a mile and a half home. No messages about my car yet. Starting to get feeling back into my ears. The fine came to $150.50, not as bad as I feared.

Son of Edit: I have my car back, and am out about another $915. And now I get to go to work! Although I shouldn't really complain about that since I haven't worked a full day yet this week.

car update

Jan. 24th, 2008 09:47 am
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So the problem with the car appears to have been a combination of a bad battery cable and a belt that really needs to be replaced. It looks to run me about $1000.

I might have to tap my savings to cover both this and my next rent payment, but I can cover it. Stings, though.

Woe is me.


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