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I have been tagged by [ profile] dragonsquee to explain some of the interests in my LJ profile, so here they are:

Alone time: I am a firm believer in the value of time alone. I'm a pretty introverted person, so being social, even if it's with people I like and I'm enjoying myself, drains my energy. I need time by myself to recharge, or I start getting twitchy and irritable. Fortunately most of my family is pretty good about understanding that.

B movies: I love cheesy B-grade movies, especially cheesy B-grade sci-fi/fantasy movies. Red Sonja. Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time. The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Clue. Big Trouble In Little China. Weiss Kreuz, which is basically a cheesy B-grade anime series. Mystery Science Theater 3000. And the A-list movies that pay homage to B movies by just not taking themselves too seriously, like The Fifth Element and A Knight's Tale. They're just fun, and I ♥ them, because entertainment does not have to be all serious business all the time.

Damaged heroes: As mentioned in my last post. My favorite heroes are broken. I do not know why this is, really. Maybe it's something about how a genuinely flawed character is more interesting to watch than a character who's got it all together; the broken hero has more to overcome. He (or she) isn't just struggling against the antagonist; he's got to struggle against himself too. I like them emotionally and socially retarded, because while emotionally balanced, socially adept characters will mostly follow socially accepted patterns, each damaged character will come at things in his or her own damaged way, and we get to watch them learning to overcome their damage as they go along. Plus, watching emotionally stunted characters trying to figure out their own emotions is just neat.

Magnetars: It's a musical instrument! It's an alcoholic beverage! Actually it's a star with an immensely powerful magnetic field. No, really. And by immensely powerful I mean ridiculously powerful. Could strip the information from a credit card's magnetic strip from more than 190,000km powerful. Stretches hydrogen atoms into spindles powerful. This is relevant to my interests because I play Magno of the Legion of Super-Heroes on The Brave and the Bold, but what makes it really entertaining is that the name they used is so fantastically lame. Magnet - star - magnetar. It's so lame it's epic. And to make matters even better, when I tried to use "Magnetar" as a character name in City of Heroes, it was already taken! I have no idea who else would voluntarily be that lame, but I would really like to know.

Rinoa is awesome: Because she is. She's practically the antithesis of a Mary Sue: she's intended to be kind of annoying. She's immature, inexperienced, and pushy, but she's also idealistic and highly motivated; her biggest flaws and her biggest strengths are ultimately sides of the same characteristics, and yes, she's naive and a bit overbearing, but she's seventeen years old and grew up sheltered and wealthy and she voluntarily abandoned that to join a resistance movement against her own home nation, and that's pretty damn cool. And it puts her in direct contrast to the other major characters, who are mercenaries less concerned with right and wrong than they are with getting the job done and getting paid. She dovetails beautifully with Squall's damage - she's an optimist, he's a cynic; she lives in the now while he dwells on the past and works to plan for the future; she's motivated, he's apathetic - and they both have the same sense of responsibility to other people and the same fundamental refusal to give up once they've set their mind to something, and most importantly of all she gets him and she tells him what he needs to hear as no one else does. And yet she gets almost no respect in fandom and it makes me sad. Thus the inclusion in my interests. Rinoa is awesome. I have preached it.

Spike Spiegel school-of-repair: AKA percussive maintenance, AKA "my ship works better when I kick it." The way Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop fixes everything. I find it amusing.

Unconventional love stories: Closely related, no doubt, to my love for damaged heroes. I don't like pat love stories nearly as much as I like the ones that are skewed somehow. Reversal or twisting of standard gender roles is a big A+; I have a firmly established weakness for relationships in which the guy is the more emotionally needy and/or submissive partner. Complicated power dynamics are also for the win. Endings don't have to be tied off into a tidy happily-ever-after bow. It's better when it's messy.

If anyone would like to expound about some of their LJ interests they may comment and I will pick some out from their profile for them to explain.
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So [ profile] kelen didn't request a drabble and this has nothing to do with the holidays. It had to be written anyhow. Merry Christmas, [ profile] kelen, it's all your fault. I am a helpless slave to inspiration.

Also, it amused me.

Fandom: Legion of Superheroes
Title: This Can't End Well
Rating: PG
Words: 366

Why Dyrk never asked Brainy for help with fixing his powers. )
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Eve says, "See, what happened is that the year Kitty was born, stupid was on special. And it never really goes bad - I mean, how can it? So the universe stocked up. And now whenever it runs out of ideas for dinner, it opens up the pantry and goes, 'Oh look! Stupid - Stupid goes with everything. I'll have this.'"

It's funny because it's true.

wah i do not want to drive to Starkville tonight. Should not have waited so late.
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Head start on today's drabble, to make up for scraping yesterday's in so late! This one is specially for [ profile] infinitepryde, who asked for Terry and Max. She didn't actually ask for egregious silliness, but, uh, she's getting that, too. :)

Fandom: Batman Beyond
Title: The Season of Giving
Rating: G
Words: 544

Max: 1, Batman: 0 )

Today's ficlet was suggested by [ profile] infinitepryde. To make a suggestion for tomorrow, comment on this entry.

I = Geek

Nov. 15th, 2006 02:39 pm
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So, I'm playing Final Fantasy XII. I've recently acquired the second-level Quickening for Basch, which is called Ruin Impendent. The animation for this involves Basch punching the enemy several times, and the usual light-show. It's shiny, but fairly standard for FF.

Until I happen to look at the game's description of the move, which begins: "Collapse space-time..."

Immediately, all I can think is:

Basch punches time.

I am such a geek for finding this so funny.
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GIP. If you can read this, he's not talking to you.
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So I went a little nuts with the Gundam SEED fics. As a break from all of that, here's some crossover crack - a fic I promised [ profile] persephoneflame back in February. It's only three months late, sorry about that.

February fourteenth, New York City: gunfire, broken glass, scorched air, and blood. )
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Now we know how Squall stays supplied.
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Mahna mahna.


Sep. 28th, 2005 01:52 am
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Totally swiped from [ profile] ahumblepen, because it was too wacky not to try out.

Take your playlist, but it on shuffle, and let the songs answer the questions! Instrumentals and stuff not in English skipped as per usual.

Read more... )
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With regards to Kingdom Hearts II, I find myself vaguely curious about the context of this image.

But more significantly, if what I've been told is to be believed, Seifer is also going to be in KHII... and this is him.

I'm pretty sure Squall-in-my-head just did a spittake.

And now, thanks to [ profile] ahumblepen, I'm stuck picturing kidSeifer RARR SWING FLAIL!!! and Leon holding him off with a straightarm to the head, going "..."
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According to The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference, "margaritomancy" is a form of divination involving pearls.

I am struck by the urge to revive my urban fantasy PI storyline in order to set up a joke involving this term, my main character, her witchcraft-practicing associate, and some tequila.

Note to self: next time I'm in a bookstore, must check the New Age section for something to use as a reference for veg-o-magic.

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My Unitarian Jihad name is Sister Numchuku of Looking at All Sides of the Question.

Get yours here.
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Because [ profile] evilbeej, [ profile] infinitepryde, and [ profile] annwyd did it, and I'm a big lemming:

You name three characters, I have to pick one to marry, one to shag, and one to push off a cliff. Stick to the fictional characters, either gender.
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Ganked from [ profile] kevasangel74, 'cause I feel silly.

Name Meme. )


Apr. 12th, 2004 08:31 am
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I just printed out a letter to send to "Fabio and Haley."

I didn't know there was anyone actually named Fabio.

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Just got a phone call from someone trying to work out exactly how insurance
would cover (or not cover) an accident in which her daughter rear-ended her
boyfriend after the boyfriend hit a cow and totaled both cars.

The cow, apparently, was insured.

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As promised:

He doesn't look as peeved as I'd intended, somehow.
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I am such a geek when it comes to horses.

Watching Fellowship of the Ring, the scene where the Nazgul chase Arwen on horseback.

Me, point and squeal: "Flying lead change! Flying lead change!"
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One of the trailers attached to Sinbad was for another animated movie called Brother Bear. Going by the trailer, the main plot of the film involves an Eskimo getting turned into a bear.

I promptly thought of Eclipse.

"Guys? I'm a bear."

Cue laughing fit.


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