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I've still been watching, but between one thing and another I have not... really... been on LJ all that much or been able to put my thoughts into any coherent order. I have no tldr to offer about the last four episodes, but allow me to summarize my reactions thus:

Episode 21 - :D

Episode 22 - :|

Episode 23 - ... :|

Episode 24 - D: D: D:

I've also gotten around to watching the first episode of Sherlock (the BBC modern update starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman). It's entertaining, and the episode adapts "A Study In Scarlet" to the present remarkably well, including injokes for those familiar with the original story. I am not so sure about the depiction of Holmes as a "high-functioning sociopath" who solves mysteries neither to pay the bills nor out of any sense of justice but only to stave off boredom (rather than a combination of all three). On the other hand, Martin Freeman's Watson is fantastic.
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"Full of Courtesy, Full of Craft," or: "Oh crap oh crap oh crap."

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"There's No Way Out" - very aptly titled. It was sort of like watching a slow, very gradual, completely unavoidable train wreck.

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Six more episodes. I'll just... leave this here as a tension-breaker:

(Oh, Kotetsu, this is why Kaede will never think you're cool.)
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"Ignorance Is Bliss," which in this case actually means "yeah, remember the breather we gave you last episode? Hope you enjoyed that while it lasted."

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This was a restful episode compared to last week's punch-in-the-face, so yay for that.

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So it turns out what "Truth lies at the bottom of a well" really means is "I did not see that coming."

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The general plan for this episode seems to have been "hey, the past few episodes were pretty tense, huh? time for some balls-out ridiculousness."

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Not related to the episode, but I am finding myself so entertained by this. Explanation: basically, from a blink-and-you-miss-it screenshot, someone out there in the fandom concluded that Kotetsu wears Kenzo Pour Homme cologne.

And the fans started buying it.

Apparently in significant numbers.

I'd be entertained by this regardless, but the fact that it's happening in the fandom of a show about corporate-sponsored product placement superheroes - complete with shameless product placement for real-world companies - is cracking me right up. I've heard rumors that the same thing is happening with Brooks Wines.

...Of course, I laugh, but I'm severely tempted to shell out the money for a Wild Tiger t-shirt. And if I could find the Hero TV Staff shirt on a site that had English-language ordering I'd definitely buy one. (It has a tiny hidden Origami Cyclone on it! This is the best thing ever.)

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I said I would, so here's some Tiger & Bunny fanart links.

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Someday soon I'll shut up about Tiger & Bunny.

Today is not that day.

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I was going to do some picspam in this post, too - this fandom is generating some epic fanart - but that got a little long. Maybe I'll do a separate post for it.
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Haven't done one of these in a while, so why not?

What I'm Watching: Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny is sort of Japan's take on what would happen if superheroes started emerging in the modern world. The answer, if you were curious, is a reality tv show starring coporate-sponsored heroes.

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