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Finally making a bit of progress on that speculative FFVIII AU that I've had notecarded forever. And discovering in the process that I'm terrible at managing scenes with more than about three people in them.

Also, Laguna amuses me forever. )
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So "Fortune Favors the Brave" stubbornly refuses to write itself, and although I've been carefully refraining from immersing in any other fandoms old or new, my brain persists in giving me unrelated ideas anyhow. So I'm turning back to a request fic that I did the first draft of ages ago and then stalled on completing - Gundam SEED, Mwu and Murrue, "before we end and then begin, we'll drink a toast to how it's been," which I'm sure [ profile] a_white_rain has forgotten requesting by now.

Still working on it, but here's the first couple paragraphs because Mwu really amuses me right now.

We learn one thing, if we learn at all, in the secret wars we call our lives: anything can happen. )
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Speaking of that Baccano! fanfic, here's another not quite 200 words from what is probably near the end of the fic but which I am posting now because it pleases me and, hey, the series itself doesn't bother with chronological order either.

In which Eve accepts Luck's proposal before he actually makes it, but not before he gives her time to think it over. )
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While I've got it on the brain, here's the first 500-some words of an as-yet-untitled Baccano! fanfic I'm working on. Because I have been inspired by Drugs & Dominos, and unexpectedly charmed by Luck and Eve, the smart and ruthless Mafioso with the unexpectedly soft heart and the innocent young ingenue with the spine of steel. I ship it.

Unfortunately it's coming out kind of stilted and awkward, which I think is the result of having my understanding of both characters' voices filtered through the translation from the Japanese. Watching the anime helps a bit, but since I only have the first four episodes, there's not a lot to work with. I'll have to work on refining the wordings a little.

I suppose I could wait until I've finished a draft before I actually start posting it, but awkwardness aside I'm kind of liking how it's coming out so far, so, ffff.

It took Eve nearly a week to work up the nerve to see him again. )
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I've hacked together a rough outline for "With Good Intentions," constructed from my fifty-some notecards. This may be my most ambitious project thus far!

Granted, it's a very rough outline. At several points it pretty much reads "I need another scene here but I don't know what yet." Even with that, however, the outline clocks in at about 4000 words.

This has also led me to break my brain trying to make sense of the FFVIII worldmap's hemispheres and what season it would be in Deling City if it's summer in Winhill and if Esthar even has seasons at all or if it's right smack on the equator. Probably nobody cares about this stuff but me, but I can't bring myself to just ignore the issue completely.
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I'm channelling my renewed inspiration for Final Fantasy VIII fanfic into finally trying to get somewhere with "With Good Intentions," my grand ambitious multi-chapter For Want Of A Nail plot.

For variety, I'm trying the notecard method, which at first blush seems to be working nicely. The main obstacle at the moment, aside from my perpetually short attention span, is that so much of the plot involves politics, a subject on which I am mostly in the dark and which I can't just flagrantly ignore because Rinoa is my viewpoint character and she's interested in that kind of thing. That it's the politics of fictional nations only helps a little, but I am making some progress in sorting out exactly what's going on there.

The other problem I'm noticing is that Ellone is pretty much a nonentity throughout the storyline, but in fairness, that's true in canon as well. I'll have to figure out ways to involve her in more scenes, but it's difficult to bring myself to give her things to do that I could give to Raine or Laguna instead, since I like them so much more.
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Current total wordcount: 11,920 (!)
Target total wordcount for Nov. 8: 13,336
Wordcount needed for Saturday in order to stay on track: 1,416
If things go really well and I start feeling ambitious, I can shoot for 15,003, which would put me a day ahead. I don't consider this very likely, however.

In addition to the pieces mentioned in my last post, I've sketched in the beginnings of "Right Here, Right Now" and "No Way Out" (very roughly sketched in the latter case), so in a sense the first drafts of both are complete. I also more or less finished a piece I began ages ago which I am tentatively titling "Find Your Way," mostly finished the first draft of "The Last Night of the World," and did some very broad-stroke plot summaries of "With Good Intentions" and the rewrite of "After the Storm."


Next up... I'm not really sure. At this point I've sort of burned through all the Fresh New Ideas I had, although I do still have plenty of old ones to pick up and dust off. "Persistence of Memory" is a reasonably good bet, and I've got at least one bit of "My Heart Dances" in mind that I should get down before I forget it. If I can keep this momentum going I might be able to get into the actual original novel-length stuff I've been vaguely meaning to write for approximately forever.

For now, however, zzz.
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Current total wordcount: 6218
Target total wordcount for Nov. 5: 8335
Wordcount needed for today in order to stay on track: 2117
Failing that: 1117 so as to be no more than 1000 words behind target

First draft of "Easy as Life" complete, albeit desperately in need of revision before it's fit for anyone else to read. That'll come in December.
"Semper Fidelis" plot synopsis written, no actual writing done on it yet.
Plot synopsis of "Vigil" also written, but the order of the scenes not remotely established yet so it's basically a collection of bits on index cards awaiting reshuffling.

Next up, most likely "Right Here, Right Now" or "No Way Out." If I get stuck on those, I could also try working on "Persistence of Memory," "After the Storm," or the bit with the terrorists at the research facility, which has taken shape enough in my head that I should at least pre-write it before I forget what I had in mind.

Currently: sleepy but hopeful!

Edit: Total wordcount now is 7487, 848 behind target. Tomorrow will not be a good writing day but I'll try to keep from falling any further behind, even if I can't get caught up.
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Another completely random snippet of Andy/Murrue dialogue as I try to figure out how the hell to write That One Fic I Want To Write.

Andrew Waltfeld, Murrue Ramius, post-SEED, Valentine's Day. I swear I will actually make a fic out of this one of these days. )
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Trying to write at work is horribly frustrating. I keep getting calls which interrupt my train of thought as I'm trying to -


- build -


call - "If she has time she'll call, and if not I've done what I could," he says. There is one thing I could tell him he could do that he has not done: try not being an asshat.


Anyhow, you see what I mean. Trying to write at work is frequently more trouble than it's worth, unless it's a slow day. Which today is not. Which is obnoxious because one of those Andy/Murrue fics has just about come together in my head and I want to get it written and argh.

On the other hand, I can still occupy the time between calls, such as it is, by going back through old stuff. Which is kind of cool, because now and again I find some unfinished thing that really came out well. Like this, the opening to the rewrite of "After the Storm" which I swear I am going to finish.

In which Garden's policies are REALLY CREEPY, and Rinoa doesn't like to drive. )
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I have been trying to write an Andy/Murrue fic since February.

That is kind of sad.

Particularly since I really haven't made much progress worth mentioning. I have an assortment of ideas, but they have yet to gel into an actual fic. I tried a bit of semi-stream-of-consciousness noodling with just dialogue to see what I could shake loose, but I can't say it's helped all that much.

extremely fragmentary random Andy/Murrue dialogue snippets )

The idea that I'm simmering focuses on Valentine's Day and the unique significance it holds in the SEEDverse following Bloody Valentine and the ensuing war - there's something really intriguing about seeing an established lovers' holiday turn into a day for remembering grief and loss, and the particular perspective that Andy and Murrue would have on it, having both lost the ones they loved to the war. Understanding one another's grief draws them together, but it can't be easy to build a relationship when the ghosts of both your lost loves are (metaphorically) still so present.

I don't have a storyline, just an assortment of things I'd like to explore, like how Andy, who as a Coordinator and a soldier must be accustomed to a high level of physical ability, deals with physical disability - and more significantly how he settles into a civilian life and how much he has to struggle with boredom (cribbing shamelessly from the novelization, in which he refers to boredom as "my oldest enemy" and is pleased after first fighting Kira because he's found a stimulating challenge) - how the two of them came to be living together as shown in the earlier parts of Destiny, the reason for which I imagine must have been a series of practical considerations (Andy having to get used to brand new prosthesis, Murrue needing a place to live since she can't really go back to the Atlantic Federation after deserting) carefully arranged around the more basic need to not be alone - the basic concept of the relationship, mutual support and life going on and really not being about Romance or Passion or zomg True Love because at this point they've been there and done that and don't need to cover that ground again, and God, Murrue's tired of being the one left behind - and finding the balance between honoring the memory of the one you loved, and not being so tied to those memories that you aren't really living the life that they died to protect.

And I am embarrassed at how long it took me just to hack out those last two paragraphs. :(

Edit: I also kind of want to make some use of Derek Walcott's "Sea Canes," which may be cheap of me, but...

cut for awesome )
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Gratuitous FFVIII what-iffing lies within. )

Not entirely certain whether to scene-cut there or keep going a little longer.
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(NaNo Filter)

9,214 words; I'm still a little behind from not writing yesterday, but I finished off chapter two completely - about 3,205 words in a sitting. And boy does it suck. :)

I guess I shouldn't complain, as well as it flowed once I got into the action. Had to skip a bit of the journey to the fire cavern; it just got too boring to continue with.

My current favorite excerpt, posted in accordance with [ profile] narli's suggestion:

Excerpt. )


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