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The Master List of Things I Plan to Write v3.2

Post-series fic in which Sokka is a member of the Order of the White Lotus and uncovers a plot against Fire Lord Zuko, which he sets out to foil because he and Zuko are buddies. Also, either as part of the aforementioned or as its own piece, Zuko and Sokka taking some time out for a sparring match, swords and insults. Not likely to happen at this point.

Working title "Fortune Favors the Brave" because the really lame implied pun entertains me: post-Drugs and Dominos, Eve sets out to be the head of the Genoard family in actual fact as well as in name, and - quickly realizing that there's no way she can make things work on her own - ends up turning to Luck for help, beginning a business arrangement between herself and the Gandor family through Luck. Also, Luck eventually proposes marriage in his own unique way. This might actually be two separate (albeit interrelated) fics, I just want an excuse to write Luck/Eve with her being unexpectedly strong and determined and him being unexpectedly kind and gentlemanly, because they both please me so much that way.

Working title "Intermezzo," post-anime "City of Nightwalkers" Nishi/Hagi fic, in which Hagi wanders back to Shanghai during Saya's long sleep to check on Nishi and, possibly, gets caught up in a case that Nishi is working.

DC Comics:
Bart and Ace, "twelve hundred miles and you never asked why," as requested by [ profile] evilbeej ages ago.

Pseudo-BNB-canon Magno and Night Girl on a mission in which they have to do most of their work in pitch-dark. I am still a bit infatuated with the idea of scary critters that aren't fully corporeal in the light.
Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, "Where have I gone wrong?"
Then a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night."
- Charlie Brown

"Wasted Time" and "Ships That Don't Come In," post-canon Dyrk Magz fics which I don't have proper ideas for yet, just vague themes ("Wasted Time" is downbeat, "Ships That Don't Come In" is cautiously upbeat).

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
"Per Ardua, Ad Infinitum" (through hardship, forever). Squall and the Warrior of Light; twelve losing battles.

Dragon Age:
Currently-untitled string of scenes all connected to the common thread of vengeance (Clare Cousland to Arl Howe, Alistair to Loghain, and a few other related threads) and sacrifice (of self versus of others). In progress; I need to complete the post-Orzammar section, and write the bits for Redcliffe, the Gauntlet, the storming of Arl Howe's estate in Denerim, and the emotional fallout thereafter.

Big long multi-part thing that I will never write in which King Alistair quietly abdicates and rides out on his last tour of Ferelden on his way to the Deep Roads, accompanied by an idealistic young lady knight/bodyguard to whom he becomes a bit of a father figure - mostly written from her point of view as she tries to wrap her brain around his behavior. I will never write this. But I really want to.

"Mad Dogs and Fereldans" - I don't even know what I want this to be aside from Hawke/Fenris; I just want to use that title.

Final Fantasy VIII:
The rewrite of "After the Storm," begun here. Now if only I could remember what I was going to use as an ending bracket...

"With Good Intentions," begun here, in which Ellone and Rinoa manage to change history, with the result that Raine survives and Squall has an actual sane upbringing as the son of the President of Esthar, and then things go straight to hell because if Squall doesn't suffer the world ends! Still mostly lacks a plot beyond exploration of who Squall would be if he wasn't completely screwed up and Kiros getting to gripe, "Do you kids have any concept of the meaning of the words 'international incident'?" This one is both notecarded and outlined.

Untitled fic in which Squall begins to turn into Ultimecia, because he's a lot closer to it than Rinoa is, gender notwithstanding. This one's actually developing reasonably well, too. Seifer's ending up playing a larger role than I'd originally thought, but, well, it only makes sense.

Untitled postgame campout comedy with s'mores. Selphie sets hers on fire - so does Zell, but his melts and falls in - Irvine gets his everywhere - and Squall very completely does not get the point of all of this, but does some Serious Business marshmallow toasting and then Rinoa steals his. Just for fun.

Untitled Centra Ruins/Odin sidequest fic, for things like Rinoa trying to say hello to a Tonberry and getting shivved, prompting Squall to terminate any Tonberry he sees with extreme prejudice; Odin and Squall coming to an understanding and some mysterious knight stuff; and Irvine sniping Tonberries from the top of Odin's tower because these kids are broken. The only problem is that there's no really good ending point.

"Legacy," a mostly pregame look at the possible origins of Squall naming his ring Griever, via a series of snapshots covering his relationship with Ellone as a child (in which she tells him stories about the lion in his ring, which I am choosing to assume is a keepsake from Raine's family) through the earlier stages of his Garden career, possibly bracketed by the battle with the Griever GF in the endgame. Except I mostly don't remember what I was planning to do with it at this point. I still like the general concept, though.

"Guardian," in which Bahamut noses around in Squall's head during the Deep Sea Deposit sidequest. I remember even less of what I wanted to do with this one than I remember of "Legacy," but it's another basic concept that I dig.

"The Find Out More About Zell Committee," an elaboration on a completely adorable little bit of optional dialogue in which the Library Committee (sans girl with pigtail) ambush Zell and quiz him about his likes and dislikes, with the clear intention of fixing him up with the girl with the pigtail. Why? Why not.

Laguna and General Caraway discuss their respective children and edge awkwardly around the subject of Julia. Except I totally can't write either of them for beans. Someone should write it, though.

Gundam SEED:
"The Last Night of the World," directly inspired by the prompt for "before we end and then begin, we'll drink a toast to how it's been" requested by [ profile] a_white_rain ages ago. First draft is complete save for one line, but it needs polishing.

An as-yet-untitled Mwu/Murrue piece (because all of them are, who am I kidding) following the escape back into space from Orb, involving any combination of the following: some careful early feeling-out of their relationship, Murrue finding Mwu half-asleep in the locker room, Murrue being a bit shell-shocked following Uzumi's sacrifice and Mwu attempting somewhat awkwardly to reassure her, all of which works a lot better in my head than it does in summary, really. There may actually be two different fics in there, I have not yet decided.

That One Andy/Murrue Valentine's fic that I swear I will write someday, no, really. It's crystallizing in my head a bit more, but.

An expansion on / continuation of "There But For The Grace Of" - probably retitled to "Tomorrow Still Comes" - with some more focus on Murrue.

Mwu and Natarle discuss Murrue's leadership sometime between Orb and Alaska, loosely based on a scene from the novelization.

...I kind of want to do a follow-up piece to "Scars Laid Bare," which I suspect is probably a horrible idea, but I love doing terrible mean warped things with Neo because, really, the whole concept of him just invites it.

A first impressions fic just after Heliopolis.

Circa Debris Belt fic about how their conversations are only about 33.3% actually spoken aloud, seriously.

Post-Colony Mendel hurt/comfort because Mwu's family sucks, and because I can.

"Acceptable Losses," the Sutherland-perspective circa JOSH-A fic that I will probably never actually write, I just really like the idea of it still.

The fic in which Lacus recruits Andy to the Clyne faction via visiting him while he recuperates from being blown up by Kira, and asks him some armor-piercing questions. Don't honestly remember much about what I was going to do with this one.

Jedi Murrue.

"The Light Remaining," post-resolution Hijikata fic, my ideas for which are still currently kind of vague but I want to reference the Hogyoku Haiku Collection in some form.

Kingdom Hearts:
"Lion Dormant," semi-AU Leon-as-failed-Keyblade-Bearer study, now possibly with the addition of a Rinoa Nobody because I am mean. Except I have no idea how to fix the Rinoa Nobody once I've introduced her, at least not without shamelessly ripping off the scene from the first game.

Knights of the Old Republic
"Semper Fidelis," Carth/Revan reunion several years postgame. Carth is loyal. I have a pretty good idea of how this one is going to work, I just haven't gotten much done on it yet. Also it kind of wants to expand itself into a larger sequel to both of the games with some crossover teamups by the respective casts, and let's face it this is way out of my league, but I remain kind of charmed by the prospect of a climactic scene involving a Sith Lord Big Bad, Carth, and a Revan whose health has been pretty much broken and who has to wage war with words because she can't physically stand up to a strong opponent any more.

"Clarity," a pre-game fic about the unnamed female Jedi who started Atton on the road to redemption. This is probably a terrible idea but I am disturbingly taken with it anyhow.

"A Simple Game of Cards," a slightly warped callback to Atton/Exile and everything he teaches her about pazaak and how to keep your enemies out of your head... with a bit of a twist. Because his line about 'you'll be right here with me, playing pazaak, where they can't reach you' makes me wibble. Turns out someone else has already done it, complete with the twist, but I still kind of want to do it anyhow.

A string of mini-snapshots from the game, possibly tentatively titled "Vigil," set on Korriban post-Leviathan reveal while Revan is off at the tomb of Naga Sadow. Carth frets, Carth reflects, and Carth begins to come to terms, with the help of some input from Jolee, Juhani, and maybe even Dustil.

As-yet-untitled Carth snapshot from Tatooine: Three angry Sand People, two unconscious Jedi, a million miles of desert, and thou. Doesn't actually have any plot to speak of or I'd have written it already; the idea mostly comes from how many times Carth ended up running like hell in the deserts of Tatooine and taking shots at pursuing Sand People over his shoulder because everyone else in the party got flattened when I played KotOR.

Mass Effect:
"No Way Out," a moment during the final assault up the side of Citadel Tower. Mostly pointless, but it lets me play with Kaidan's biotics a bit. First draft mostly complete. Would have finished it already but it's also almost completely plotless.

"Right Here, Right Now," Kaidan and Shepard on the Citadel after her meeting with the Council at the end of the game, sorting out a couple bits of "what now?" and making some observations on the lasting effects of the events of the game.

"Gravity," which more or less replaces the previous two ideas and cribs elements from both but is mostly a new piece: Shepard and Kaidan sometime between Horizon and the Omega 4 relay, trying and mostly failing to come to terms.

"The Vigil (The Sea)": Thane's last days. Some dabbling with drell spirituality and religion, and a whole lot of frustration from Shepard as she finally runs up against a problem that she can't fix after working so hard to bring everyone back alive.

Post-ME2 fic in which Shepard and Thane end up getting dragged into some kind of Situation on the Citadel instead of getting some downtime, because Shepard just can't go anywhere. Thane/Shepard and guest appearances by Emily Wong and I don't know who else. Maybe Kenneth and Gabby. I like them.

"Every Now and Then," in which Shepard meets Rahna and they compare notes a little, for... no real reason other than it was a thought that occurred to me. Doubt I'll write this one, as it requires coming up with characterization for Rahna.

"My Heart Dances" ...but not for joy. Liara-Shepard-Kaidan triangle stuff. Or, well, Liara-->Shepard/Kaidan, because I have a bias.
It's easy to be certain that another's heart will fall
Much harder to be certain of your own
It moves you and inspires you
Then it drives you to the wall
And leaves you so excited, but alone

Will need to actually play the Liara romance in order to write any of these triangle fics. Haven't worked up the interest yet. Alternatively, Thane-Shepard-Kaidan?

Various snapshots from the Normandy, including possibly:
The end of the "Beseiged Base" assignment: Shepard takes down the terrorist leader and raises Kaidan's stress levels a lot in the process.
Something related to the "Hostage" assignment and the interesting position it puts Kaidan in as an L2.
The aftermath of "Bring Down the Sky."
The ground team hauls a seriously injured Shepard back from an assignment.
Party interaction fics in general, particularly involving any of Kaidan, Wrex, Garrus, Mordin, Thane, Samara, and Kenneth and Gabby from Engineering because they're adorable.

"Falling Apart," a scene following the end of "Judgment Day" - Ziva turns up at Tony's to help him pack. A bit of fighting, a bit of coping, and a missed opportunity or two, with some explorations of how each of them reacts to the breaking up of the team and why Ziva doesn't blame Tony for the events of the finale.

Persona 3:
"Memento Vivere." Moving on is something you learn new every time. Akihiko and/or Shinjiro in the aftermath of the game's ending, P3P style.

Tiger & Bunny:
"If I Die Before I Wake": Recent plot developments from the perspective of Sky High's dog, because I'm a horrible person (on hold until episode 15).
Now I lay me down to sleep / pray the lord my soul to keep / if I die before I wake / feed Jake / he's been a good dog / my best friend, right through it all...
The idea for this one kind of got torpedoed by episode 15 not going the direction I expected; I could still write it but I doubt I will.

"To Absent Friends": An elderly Pao-Lin visits the graves of the other heroes.

Toward the Terra
Cape and Cowl 2021, how Matsuka saved Keith.

Weiss Kreuz:
Post-Gluhen Weiss Kreuz alternafic; Aya-chan hires amnesiac PI Yoji to find her brother, chaos ensues. I am not sure what kind, I just like torturing Aya and I love the bit from Side B in which amnesiac Yoji asks Ken to take Aya's katana back to him.

A variation on the obnoxiously popular "a new Kritiker agent joins / starts working with Weiss" fic, in which it turns out that the new Kritiker agent is actually a spy for some enemy or other, but Weiss are wise to her because calico is a color, not a breed, morons.

"Grau," a Weiss Kreuz / Noir crossover which I will probably never write, but the concept of Yoji interacting with Mireille and Aya interacting with Kirika pleases me anyhow.

Original fiction:
AU Nexus City fic involving a teenaged refugee from a Zombie Apocalypse and a guy who is almost kind of a priest except for the part where he's actually a member of a secret society and his responsibility is to hunt and kill scary supernatural things. This one actually almost has a plot.

This idea, which still needs some work.

The Southern PI/low-budget supernatural problem-solver idea I've been stewing for years now, involving a guy with a ghost problem.

Something about that "ciphered letter" spam email I got ages ago because, dude.

AU Nexus City fic involving the daughter of Sherlock Holmes and a ninja, her catboy best friend, a Peter Pevensie homage, and so far no plot at all - I just really want to write Arashi Holmes fic to see if I can.

A loose variation on "Beauty and the Beast" in which the Beast is a tiger. Although I'm sure it's been done before because everything has.

Idea from ages ago involving mercenaries, which has essentially developed into a Magnificent Seven Samurai plot - farming village scrapes together a group of starving mercs to protect them from marauders, drama ensues.

A rewrite/expansion on my Sleeping Beauty retelling in which the heroine communicates with the hero through dreams.

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