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Having finished watching the Hakuouki Sekkaroku OVA and investigated translations of drama CDs courtesy of [ profile] tokio_fujita, I am now halfway convinced that Okita suggested dressing Chizuru up as a geiko and having her spy for them purely to screw with Hijikata.

Okita is now named Trollkita.

On a related note:

Hijikata: What? Hey, Saito.
Saito: Here.
Hijikata: Give me back what you received from Souji. Surely you haven't forgotten you were ordered not to read it.
Saito: But, if I give it back, what I've done today would be...
Hijikata: By order of the Vice Commander, give it back.
Saito: Um... Understood.
Hijikata: You haven't read inside, have you?
Saito: Only half of it. May I ask a question regarding this?
Hijikata: I suppose it's about how badly written these are. No need to say it, since I knew already. I'm not planning to make a living with writing poems or lyrics. Just give me a break already.
Saito: No. I never thought about criticizing it. It's about this line, "even if only one plum blossom bloomed, plum blossoms are plum blossoms."
Hijikata: What about it?
Saito: Be it one or two bloomed, plum blossoms are always plum blossoms. I believe that part is obvious. What is the meaning behind this line?
Hijikata: Saito.
Saito: Here. What is it?
Hijikata: Don't ever bring up this question again. Forget everything about the haiku you read in this book, alright?
Saito: ... As you wish.

Nagakura: Whoa! The cat jumped onto Saito's lap. Maybe he likes Saito.
Saito: Wa... Wait! I have to give squad members fencing lessons now... Souji, get him off me.
Okita: Just call his name and tell him to get off.
Saito: I see. What's the cat's name?
Okita: Toshizo.
Saito: [deep breath] Is this one of your bad jokes as usual?
Okita: That's no joke. Right? Toshizo?
Toshizo: Meow!
Okita: See? He answers to his name right away.
Saito: That's not the point... [sigh] Do you want me to call Vice Commander's name?
Okita: Even if you say so... the cat only responds to this name. I think you better hurry. You have fencing lessons to give, right?
Saito: ... To... Toshizo?
Toshizo: [hisses]
Saito: My... my deepest apologies! As a part of Shinsengumi I did such an impertinent behavior as to address Vice Commander by name... This is all your fault, Souji!


Why are you so fucking moe?

Date: 2012-07-08 02:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
...Okita suggested dressing Chizuru up as a geiko and having her spy for them purely to screw with Hijikata.

Most likely, yes.

Also, I imagined the cat scene, and it was both funny and adorable. (Thanks for sharing that!)

Date: 2012-07-08 06:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My pleasure! :)

I just... can't get over Saito in that scene, calling the cat 'Vice-Commander'. "Do you want rubbing on the chin? I see. How is this?" Meow! "Are you satisfied? It's my honor."

ffff so cute.


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