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So now that Avatar is over, I wandered over to the Television Without Pity Avatar forum to see what other people had to say about the finale.

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This is an impressively negative post. To follow that up: I finally went to see The Dark Knight yesterday, after failing to quite be motivated to do so earlier. I wasn't as impressed with it as most of my friends list, I'm afraid. It wasn't by any means a bad movie, but I thought it reveled a bit too much in how scary and crazy the Joker is - and yes, the Joker should be exactly this crazy and scary, but I think the point was belabored at the expense of both the plotline and Batman's role in the story. Batman himself was essentially tertiary character compared to the Joker and Harvey Dent.

Plus, with regards to Harvey, there was practically another half a movie shoehorned in that could and probably should have been reserved for a sequel.

So, yeah.
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So, the finale of Avatar was - and I say this as someone who wasn't all that impressed with either "The Southern Raiders" or "The Ember Island Players" - Nearly Perfect In Its Beauty. There was so much that was awesome about it that I can't possibly mention all the things I really loved.


Dr. Horrible, on the other hand... ow. :(

Tomorrow, The Dark Knight.
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Have finally caught up with Avatar, through The Boiling Rock. What can I say? Season 3 Zuko owns me. I want to take him home and adopt him. Plus the entire cast has taken a couple of levels in badass by this point. I am really, really impressed by the quality of the writing and characterization for this series, particularly during this season.

The last few episodes have pwned me hard enough that I felt the need to screencap and make icons, although given my limited icon-making abilities, they're really just crop and resize jobs. Mostly Zuko from The Western Air Temple, and Zuko and Sokka from The Boiling Rock, and one of Aang from The Firebending Masters.

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