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It is probably the result of hitting springtime again that I feel suddenly inspired to write more. (Well, that and scening on TIG woke up my SEEDfic muse, which is a little awkward since I think the moment has kind of passed for everyone else, but whatever.) Suddenly I have... ideas again! Holy shit.

Well, okay, a lot of these ideas I have had for quite a while and just not done much with them.

But anyway. With the signs of my inspiration renewing itself, it's about the time of year for me to organize a list of Fic Ideas I Plan To Write, in the hopes of actually getting around to some of them this time.

Cut for spam. )
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Kingdom Hearts II is getting odder - albeit more intriguing - all the time.

Pirates of the Carribbean world.
Steamboat Willie world.
Tron world.
Yuna and Rikku, FFX2-style... as a summon?
And appearances by Seifer, Raijin, Fujin, and... Vivi.
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With regards to Kingdom Hearts II, I find myself vaguely curious about the context of this image.

But more significantly, if what I've been told is to be believed, Seifer is also going to be in KHII... and this is him.

I'm pretty sure Squall-in-my-head just did a spittake.

And now, thanks to [ profile] ahumblepen, I'm stuck picturing kidSeifer RARR SWING FLAIL!!! and Leon holding him off with a straightarm to the head, going "..."


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