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Mostly unrelated to the previous: new desk buddies!

Tiny Hijikata is judging me for the cluttered state of my desk. Tiny Saito remains moe as hell.
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I will say this for the good ol' Southern boys - they will fix a girl up.

I do not, as it turns out, have a jack, although I do have a spare tire. I did, however, end up with a positive embarassment of Good Samaritans, one of whom not only provided a jack and changed my tire but put some air in the spare tire with this neat little widget he hooked up to my car battery.

Then I drove straight to Wal-Mart and now I have two shiny new tires, plus an oil change, a filter change or so, and new wiper blades, because frankly some of that stuff was overdue. It set me back about $150, but whatever.

So, all better.
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Playing X-Men Legends II before work, trying to retrieve Iron Man... more out of completism than out of any real desire to have Iron Man playable, because, really. All the scads and scads of X-Men characters, and they give us Iron Man? Come on, people. But in any case, Apocalypse has him stashed somewhere in an Egyptian pyramid... and inevitably, whenever I go into that area, Gambit wanders offscreen and gets himself knocked out somehow. He's triggering some kind of trap, but I can never see him do it, so I'm not sure where it is. I'm left with this mental image of Remy spotting some little golden statuette or something and, well...

Trying to crockpot-roast an alarming chunk of cow, per [ profile] salazen's instructions. Cow, meet crockpot. Crockpot, meet my dinner. Take good care of it, now.

Also, that issue at work I'd been working on since Friday and had waiting for me yesterday when I went in? I kicked its ass.

That is all.
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Today was amusing, as most of the workday was eaten up by motivational speakers. The one who occupied our morning was especially good, and I am not just saying this because I got five dollars during his presentation for doing pushups in front of the class. He also gave one girl three dollars for jumping jacks, and one ten dollars for doing a very impressive Tarzan yodel that brought people over from other areas of the building to see what was going on.

Plus I got the most right on the little word puzzle thing he handed out, and was one of two people to get the correct solution to the problem of how to convert the roman numerals "IX" into a six using only one continuous pencil line. (Which, duh.)

I r smrt.

Then I got on the phones. It's not a fun job, but it doesn't suck like tech support, as there's not nearly as much diagnosis involved. It's mostly a matter of checking details, explaining things to the customers, and determining what I can do and what I can't do and explaining that to the customers. And it's still a pretty cool place to work. The speechifying today reminded me of just why I was so glad to get this job.

And I get paid tomorrow, so that's good.

Still having fun with icons, simple though most of them are.
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I have seen Mr. And Mrs. Smith, and it was good. It was in fact deeply amusing and I recommend it.

I also have X-Men #171, and that is so Mystique and she'd better get punched in the face at some point. Looks pretty cool so far, anyhow.

Furthermore, as of about half an hour ago, I'm twenty-five years old.

Film at eleven.
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I am officially moved. There are boxes in various stages of "open" and "unpacked" scattered around, but all my furniture is where it should be, I have things hung on the walls, I have food in my fridge and my cabinets, and I have broadband. And cable TV. And no landline. Observe my priorities. :)

I am also footsore, stiff, and achy, and my left arm is sunburned from the drive, so I look kind of silly.

Mom took digital pictures and has promised to email copies to me, so all will be able to see my apartment. It's not fancy, but it's comfy and I like it... although it's weird to realize that this is "home" now, pretty much. I choked up when Mom headed for home. When I came back in, though, I had a DVD rack to assemble, and since this involved screwing lots of pieces together and fitting a lot of other pieces in - and I forgot several pieces and had to unscrew the thing and get them in - I was quickly and thoroughly distracted. (Cable TV helped, what with Superman coming on. Christopher Reeve is the only man in the history of the world who looks good in spandex with the undies-on-the-outside superhero thing going on.)

The icemaker in the freezer keeps making me jump every time it dumps a fresh set of cubes into the tray. I'm not used to these things!


Mmm, broadband.
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Christmas boxes mailed to [ profile] kevasangel74, [ profile] infinitepryde, [ profile] tisiphonemoon, [ profile] thenowhere, and [ profile] erispope. Kitchen coup looking slightly less likely. I still have quite a lot of cookies left, though.

Mood rather improved, despite having to be unbearably cheerful on the phone all day.

Still terribly entertained by my moodset.


Apr. 2nd, 2004 05:06 pm
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That news story I've been following, the girl who went missing and
whose story didn't quite jive?

According to the news, the police now believe she wasn't abducted at all -
she staged the whole thing.

I'm such a geek.
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I've rejoined the ranks of the gainfully employed!

In the end, it just took knowing somebody - Mom and I went to get our pictures taken for the church directory a few weeks ago, and while waiting Mom chatted with some of the other folks there and mentioned how I was looking for work. One of them gave me his card and told me to come by his office.

Two interviews later, I'm on board as a 'customer service receptionist' in the local State Farm office. It's part-time, but only in the sense that I'm working 9 - 4 instead of 8 - 5. Damn, now I have to do laundry and think of things to do with my hair in the mornings.

In related news, Great Big Sea's "Feel It Turn" is officially my lucky song; [ profile] narli, who's been generously pimping GBS to me, gave me the mp3 the night before my first interview, and I played it immediately before leaving for both meetings. It seemed apropos. Also, it's a great song. Everybody should go out and get some Great Big Sea. I command it.

Go me!

May. 12th, 2003 08:34 am
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So. I graduated!

Straight B's. I can live with this. Especially now. :)

My father and half-sister came into town for graduation. We went out to dinner Friday night. I had steak. It was good. Dad harassed our waitress. She eventually stood up for herself, though, and got a $30 tip for it, so.

I took Katherine, my half sister, to see X2, by way of spreading the geek love. She claimed to want to see it, and it gave me an excuse to see it again under the banner of family togetherness, so it's all good.

Then I went back to my dorm and stayed up all night cleaning it out, a process extended slightly by the fact that [ profile] narli and Tracey and I started making up an MU Guys quiz. Mostly, though, it took so long 'cause the room was trashed.

Made it back home at 9-ish, having not slept at all. Smart college graduate me. Got all dressed up, put on spiffy Lucite heels, and went to my grandparents' for brunch. There were incriminating childhood photos and some delicious chicken crepes. So claiming the leftovers. Yum.

My grandparents gave me a pearl ring, which I knew about because I picked it out: two pearls side by side with two teeny diamonds, very pretty. My father gave me a sapphire ring which is, to steal [ profile] thenowhere's word, gigorgeous. I mean, if you saw Titanic back when it wasn't uncool to have seen it, remember the scene on the rear of the ship with Leonardo DiCaprio seeing Kate Winslet's engagement ring and going, "Whoa, what a rock!" Like that. Beautiful sparkly oval sapphire surrounded by teeny diamonds. Color me shocked.

He also gave me five hundred dollars, which is going into savings as seed money for relocation. Love this town. Don't want to live here.

So, there was brunch. Then I went to get in line for the ceremony. And stood. And stood. And stood. Very nice helpful girl helped me fix my collar and gave me pins to hold my cap on. By the time we marched in, my feet were killing me. Mom, who brought binoculars, claimed I looked disgusted. I don't doubt her.

I don't actually remember much of the ceremony, probably because I was miserable. Feet and legs hurt from the shoes. Whole body sore from hauling all my stuff down three flights of stairs. No sleep.

Afterward, of course, the whole family left the spot where knew they were - up in the stands - and joined the crowd out front. I'm short. I can't find people in crowds and they can't find me. I stomped around a while getting progressively crankier until I finally decided to just go to the car and get the stuff so that I could turn in my cap and gown. I got maybe halfway there when Tom Bryson spotted me and told me where my mother was.

Then, of course, there were pictures. I came very close to kicking shins.

But once we got to the car, Mom took me by the house and I changed from Little Black Dress and Spiffy But Torturous Heels into a sleeveless zip-up shirt, a long skirt, and a pair of F***-You Boots, and felt much better. We all went out to dinner again. I got a frozen mudslide, despite having forgotten my ID. Dad was nicer to the waiter, probably because this one knew what Bombay Sapphire was. (Expensive gin, if you wondered.)

My grandmother started getting really sappy on me towards the end of the evening, which was kind of uncomfortable. I rarely do well with sappiness. Also, they brought up Classy during dinner and I started tearing up. Yes, I know, not over the horse yet. Bite me.

Dad and Katherine went home yesterday and I'm taking the week to get settled in before I start with the job hunting. Mom will be helping - read: standing behind me with a cattle prod - so maybe I can find something soon. In the meantime, I'm keeping my part-time job in the AISE department through the summer, so I'll have an income.

Jacque, the professor who is responsible for my having this job and who is a friend of my mothers, gave me a very spiffy briefcase. So I don't have to go to interviews carrying a backpack. Go me.
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Last final is done! Am definitely going to pass the study. Have no earthly reason not to pass Case Problems and Marketing. Ethics continues to be worrisome.

I'm hoping that, if I turn out borderline, Ms. McDavid will take pity and tip me over into a C and let me graduate.

Anyhow, the weight won't really be off until grades are posted, but there's nothing I can do about it now, so... I can relax. And work on fiction and RP stuff for a little while. Catch up on [ profile] badcoffee's logs and stuff. Finish Ace before [ profile] corleyj eats me alive. That kind of thing.

And clean up my disaster area - oops, dorm room.
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So I have a livejournal. And I have no idea what to do with it. Blame for this situation may be placed entirely on [ profile] narli.

At the moment I'm just desperately relieved that the weekend is here. Case problems presentation done. Article done. I can actually relax for a while! And... clean up the wreck that I made of my room.

And work on Ace before [ profile] corleyj beats me up!

It's good to have goals.


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