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This is really [ profile] evilbeej's fault, since she was the one who mentioned shepherd's pie while I was at work yesterday and got me craving some. What I really wanted was the shepherd's pie they make at McGuire's - along with some of their home-brewed root beer - but since that's a bit far to swing by for dinner after work, I settled for attempting to make some myself. Shepherd's pie, that is, not root beer.

This is what I ended up with.

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I still feel stuffed this morning. Mmmm.
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It's not easy to grate a Hershey bar.

Edit: Refrigerating it first helps. Some.
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Playing X-Men Legends II before work, trying to retrieve Iron Man... more out of completism than out of any real desire to have Iron Man playable, because, really. All the scads and scads of X-Men characters, and they give us Iron Man? Come on, people. But in any case, Apocalypse has him stashed somewhere in an Egyptian pyramid... and inevitably, whenever I go into that area, Gambit wanders offscreen and gets himself knocked out somehow. He's triggering some kind of trap, but I can never see him do it, so I'm not sure where it is. I'm left with this mental image of Remy spotting some little golden statuette or something and, well...

Trying to crockpot-roast an alarming chunk of cow, per [ profile] salazen's instructions. Cow, meet crockpot. Crockpot, meet my dinner. Take good care of it, now.

Also, that issue at work I'd been working on since Friday and had waiting for me yesterday when I went in? I kicked its ass.

That is all.
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Should I get a candy bar, or should I wait for real food when I get out of here at midnight?

Help me out here.
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Christmas boxes mailed to [ profile] kevasangel74, [ profile] infinitepryde, [ profile] tisiphonemoon, [ profile] thenowhere, and [ profile] erispope. Kitchen coup looking slightly less likely. I still have quite a lot of cookies left, though.

Mood rather improved, despite having to be unbearably cheerful on the phone all day.

Still terribly entertained by my moodset.
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All done now save for the obligatory frosted sugar cookies, the baking of which I will leave to Mom since she's off work starting tomorrow, the lucky wench.

Well, that and the taffy, which I may yet do if I find a candy thermometer when I go to the store tomorrow evening for gift boxes to ship this stuff in.
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Officially ill from eating too much raw dough. The gingersnaps did me in. Uff.

Still no actual cookies, but I have dough for peppermint pinwheels and chocolate peppermint pinwheels and jam kolaches and gingernaps in the refrigerator. The peppermint pinwheels are even properly pinwheeled. The rest require various amounts of rolling and cutting and folding and slicing and rolling in sugar.

That leaves the raisin cookies, the chocolate cookies, and, if I get really ambitious, the cocoa taffy.

Anyone know any remedies for a cookie dough overdose?
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Have spent all day in the kitchen. Have yet to produce an actual cookie. Lots of dough refrigerating, mostly. I will turn out at least one sheet of gingersnaps tonight, so help me God.

However, I do have this spiffy new moodset! Many thanks to [ profile] kevasangel74 for hosting it for me. I'm particularly amused by the image that goes with this mood.
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Dough in fridge. Nothing actually baked yet. I got to crush peppermints with a hammer, which was fun, but next I think I'll do something that doesn't require so much preparation. The gingersnaps from the Louisa May Alcott cookbook, maybe.

Well on my way to making myself sick from eating raw cookie dough, as always.

Very glad I didn't try the malted milk cookies now.
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Today, I have ambitiously decided to do a bunch of baking and send out Christmas cookie boxes. Cue spree of buying baking supplies. We will see how long my motivation lasts, but probably I will be pestering folks for mailing addresses soon.

Presently I am waiting for some butter to soften. I have about seven recipes lined up, although two are really variations on one theme. With a little luck, I will be all done by next weekend.

Stay tuned for more of Abby's kitchen misadventures.


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