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This is really just a note to myself put in a place where I can easily revisit it at necessary intervals, because putting this stuff down on LJ is occasionally helpful:


...I should really not need to be telling myself these things. Oh well!

As an apology to the rest of the internets, have a Sky High macro:

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I'm one of those awful people who can listen to the same album on repeat for days.

In my defense, I do this only because I don't have a roommate to annoy with it and the cats haven't complained yet.

This confession has been brought to you by NICO Touches the Walls' Passenger album, which I discovered in the process of trying to track down the OP of [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility, which also has a pretty cool title sequence, btw. (This is the action show about economics, for those I've mentioned it to.)

Edit: Also, Molotov Jukebox's "Laid to Rest," which has brought my total number of Luck Gandor theme songs up to two. Please let me stay, please let me stay, but he's trying to get me out the door in his diplomatic way.


Feb. 15th, 2010 09:06 pm
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New icon! Because not only am I predictable, I am also a dork.

Semi-tangentially, I am attempting to gear myself back up into writing more regularly. (Again. Still.) At the moment this mostly involves doing research in the hopes of finding ways of turning completely random details (such as "I can't differentiate between dark red and black but I can see some levels of ultraviolet light") into possible plot points. Also I should, you know, finish some of the half-done stuff I still have floating around out there. That'd be nice.

No, this post has no real point. Sorry.
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If Team Cosmos in Dissidia: Final Fantasy were the Justice League, the Warrior of Light would be Superman... and Squall would be Batman.

I'll have more useful comments on Dissidia later, but right now I'm too busy preparing to beat up Ultimecia in Shade Impulse.
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Pet peeve: discovering that a word I've been using doesn't mean what I thought it meant. It makes me unreasonably sad. Especially when I can't think of any other words that mean exactly the same thing.

First "touchstone," now "diffident." Dammit. :C

Edit to add: I have at least figured out that my wrong reading of "diffident" is probably the result of conflating it with "indifferent," but that still doesn't quite mean what I was using "diffident" to mean.
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Dream I had tonight:

I went out for a walk in t-rex country. Ignoring all sorts of helpful advice on where t-rexes are most likely to be found and how to avoid running into one, I went scrambling along the steep bank of a lake, and look up, and find myself eye-to-eye with a t-rex that was coming down to the lake to drink.

Since everyone knows from Jurassic Park that t-rexes won't see you if you don't move, I froze. And had to cling to the bank and listen for several minutes while the t-rex and a couple other t-rexes behind it debated as to whether I was a person (and therefore food) or a tree.

Finally I took a risk and jumped down from the bank into the lake and tried to make my escape underwater while still keeping an eye on where the t-rexes were and hoping that they weren't big swimmers. Then one of my cats brushed against my legs and I flailed myself awake.

I don't even know.
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I have been unexpectedly brained by the overwhelming urge to write some FFVIII fic. But I can't decide what yet.
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I think possibly I've been watching too much anime. I want to write something with a sad ending.
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"Not in Nottingham" is pretty hardcore for a song from an old-school Disney musical.

I = Geek

Nov. 15th, 2006 02:39 pm
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So, I'm playing Final Fantasy XII. I've recently acquired the second-level Quickening for Basch, which is called Ruin Impendent. The animation for this involves Basch punching the enemy several times, and the usual light-show. It's shiny, but fairly standard for FF.

Until I happen to look at the game's description of the move, which begins: "Collapse space-time..."

Immediately, all I can think is:

Basch punches time.

I am such a geek for finding this so funny.
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It's not easy to grate a Hershey bar.

Edit: Refrigerating it first helps. Some.
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I can't bring myself to accept pseudo-words like "hir" and "xie" as acceptable pronouns for use in reference to the differently gendered... and I don't care if that makes me a bad person.

Random thought for the day.


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