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Some links for the new Heroes fans on my flist, just 'cause. )
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So, I have this webspace. I haven't used it for anything yet aside from stashing image files and pimping mp3s to people.

I kind of want to put an actual site in there. But then the question becomes, what goes in it?

[Poll #752523]

Also, found when perusing

Gundam Seed: Freedom's Echo by Patriot-of-USA
In the War on Terror, NSA Agent Alex Kennedy leads a USA Special Forces squad against Al Qaeda. However, ZAFT and the United Nations intend to stop him. Even worse, he finds that one of his enemies is his brother: Athrun!

...wait, what?
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I have received the most awesome probably-spam-email ever.

In its entirety:

From: Mail Service (
Reply-To: (
Sent: Friday, April 21, 2006 6:54 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: The ciphered letter

Attachment: yourmail@0F23R06401503450.txt (< 0.01 MB), decipher.rar (0.02 MB)

To you the ciphered letter has come.

Best regards.

TotaliCrypt Corp LLS
The operational center of an encryption.


I haven't done anything ill-advised like download or unzip the attachment...

...but oh man do I want to.

Google fails to shed any light on "TotaliCrypt Corp" or the message "To you the ciphered letter has come." Whois knows nothing about "".

I feel like I should write a short story about this or something.
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So, I caved in and sprang for some paid webspace, mostly because trying to make do with Angelfire and LJ was getting annoying. This is the entirety of my new site at the moment - the product of some tinkering in Photoshop and of determining that yes, I can navigate FTP - but I'll probably get an actual page up there. Eventually. When I get my hands on a decent web design program. (If anyone knows of one that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg, suggestions would be nice.)
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Have spent all day in the kitchen. Have yet to produce an actual cookie. Lots of dough refrigerating, mostly. I will turn out at least one sheet of gingersnaps tonight, so help me God.

However, I do have this spiffy new moodset! Many thanks to [ profile] kevasangel74 for hosting it for me. I'm particularly amused by the image that goes with this mood.
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If you call your column Critic's Corner, it would be advisable to actually
critique something instead of just telling me what's on TV.

I get pissy about USA Today and content when it's all I can browse.
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I can now post from work by email.

At least in theory.

Go me.

Why yes, I did get a paid LJ account just because being wireless all weekend
left me feeling cut off, why do you ask?

Excuse any funkiness in the posting; I won't actually be able to look at
this until I go home for lunch.


Apr. 4th, 2003 07:40 pm
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I am not happy.

I'm spending the weekend at home to watch the animals because my mother is out of town.

My mother has apparently updated her method of connecting to the internet.

I am suspiciously unable to connect to any MU*.

Whether the two are related or not, I do not know, but it seems likely. I know the whole internet isn't broken because I can surf the web just fine.

I may retreat to my dorm and attempt to connect from there, just to check.



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