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NAME: Abby
JOURNAL: [ profile] joiedecombat
IM: Joie de Combat
E-MAIL: abbykat at hotmail dot com
RETURNING: Yes, two.

CHARACTER NAME: Squall Leonhart
FANDOM: Final Fantasy VIII / Dissidia
CHRONOLOGY: He went from the middle of the FFVIII end FMV to Dissidia 012 duodecim, all the way through the end of the "Confessions of the Creator" bonus story, although since his memory is a mess he only remembers bits and pieces of Dissidia's events. Anything after his fight with the Warrior of Light in Destiny Odyssey is fragmented at best.
CLASS: Hero.

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I will get to the last two entries of that shipping meme sometime soon. Probably. It's only really of interest to me, anyhow.

In the meantime, because apparently the holiday season makes me crazy... I am contemplating apping into [ profile] splendorocity. Because I totally need another character right in the middle of the holiday "work hates me and wants me to die" crush.

Anybody know anything about the game? It looks interesting from what poking around I have done so far.
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For those not already aware, today and tomorrow are 4th Wall Days on Polychromatic. Which means that the RP characters there are open for comments/conversation/trolling by the entire internets, IC LJs and personal LJs alike.

I've posted this morning with Squall, and I'll probably post tomorrow with Luck from Baccano!, so feel free to pester either of them.
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Notes to self re: [ profile] polychromatic, because [ profile] annwyd is right, this month's curses are fantastic.

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This is for [ profile] damnedmage:

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Hopefully I am not Doing It Wrong, but I'm sure someone will let me know.

There is also a picture but that will have to wait until I am home.
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They turned around, and they saw, there by the great rock--
wings, it seemed like hundreds of wings, spreading, folding, stretching--
and eyes
how many eyes can a drive of dragons have?
and small jets of flame

Yes. Charles Wallace's drive of dragons was a single creature, although Meg was not at all surprised that Charles Wallace had confused this fierce, wild being with dragons. She had the feeling that she never saw all of it at once, and which of all the eyes could she meet? merry eyes, wise eyes, ferocious eyes, kitten eyes, dragon eyes, opening and closing, looking at her, looking at Charles Wallace and Calvin and the strange tall man. And wings, wings in constant motion, covering and uncovering the eyes. When the wings were spread out, they had a span of at least ten feet, and when they were all folded in, the creature resembled a misty, feathery sphere. Little spurts of flame and smoke spouted up between the wings; it could certainly start a grass fire if it weren't careful. Meg did not wonder that Charles Wallace had not approached it.

The Teacher said, "His name is Proginoskes."
Charles Wallace said, "He?"
"He's not dragons?"
"He is a cherubim."
"A cherubim."
Flame spurted skywards in indignation at the doubt in the atmosphere. Great wings raised and spread and the children were looked at by a great many eyes. When the wild thing spoke, it was not in vocal words, but directly into their minds."
"I suppose you think I ought to be a golden-haired baby-face with no body and two useless little wings?"
Charles Wallace stared at the great creature. "It might be simpler if you were."
Meg pulled her poncho closer about her, for protection in case the cherubim spouted fire in her direction.
"It is a constant amazement to me," the cherubim thought at them, "that so many earthling artists paint cherubim to resemble baby pigs."
Calvin made a sound which, if he had been less astonished, would have been a laugh. "But cherubim is plural."
The fire-spouting beast returned, "I am practically plural. The little boy thought I was a drive of dragons, didn't he? I am certainly not a cherub. I am a singular cherubim."

Proginoskes waved several wings slowly back and forth in thought, which would have felt very pleasant on a hot day, but which, on a cold morning, made Meg turn up the collar of her jacket. The cherubim did not notice; he continued waving and thinking. Then she could feel his words moving slowly, tentatively, within her mind. "If you've been assigned to me, I suppose you must be some kind of a Namer, too, even if a primitive one."
"A what?"
"A Namer. For instance, the last time I was with a Teacher - or at school, as you call it - my assignment was to memorize the names of the stars."
"Which stars?"
"All of them."
"You mean all the stars, in all the galaxies?"
"Yes. If he calls for one of them, someone has to know which one he means. Anyhow, they like it; there aren't many who know them all by name, and if your name isn't known, then it's a very lonely feeling."
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I cannot quite decide if it is too bad or just as well that PI is basically defunct. Because...

I'm kind of wanting to play Terry McGinnis somewhere.

...Yeah, definitely just as well. Somebody shoot me before I start trying to come up with a workaround.
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[ profile] annwyd, FYI - I'm going to be stuck at work an extra hour today, so I won't be logging in until 8:20 - 8:30 ish CST. My apologies to you and to Axel; I hope this won't cause too much more of a delay.
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So I went a little nuts with the Gundam SEED fics. As a break from all of that, here's some crossover crack - a fic I promised [ profile] persephoneflame back in February. It's only three months late, sorry about that.

February fourteenth, New York City: gunfire, broken glass, scorched air, and blood. )
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Probably only funny to me...

...but I find it hysterical.

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Also stolen from [ profile] ahumblepen. Because I have nothing more interesting to do.

Well, I could type up and edit "Remember Your Chains" for [ profile] 30kisses but I'm having trouble moving myself to do that.


Use the comments to ask any character of mine a question, and they will answer. Possibly even honestly. You can ask as many as you'd like, but make sure we know who you're talking to.

For those of you confused, here are my current characters. Those of you who know past characters are welcome to ask them questions too.

Project: Infinity

Compass Rose

Nexus City
Squall. Again.

I only use this mood icon so much because I like it so much.
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Too funny not to post. Seravina comes in to check out Ogori's, and Aya ends up getting royally pwned by three well-meaning women. Look for Aya being very, very tempted to pretend he doesn't understand English, and Seravina's conclusions on the subject of male florists.

Poor, poor Aya. )


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