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The latest list of Stuff I Am Trying To Unload. With lab descriptions.

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My Hungry Ghost Moon order came in! Happy ninja.

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In spite of the fact that I really ought to be saving money for a good long while after buying my TV... damn, but Hungry Ghost Moon and Et Lux Fuit look nice.

So, yeah. Caved to temptation to spring for both of them and a bottle of CTIII.

I am weak.

I am also le tired, and about to drive home for big family deal, since it is my birthday, my grandmother's birthday, and my grandparents' anniversary.

Not particularly motivated. Meh.

Rather stay home and nap and tinker with Andy/Murrue dialogue.

But I will probably be on later in the evening.
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Good thing I slapped that huge list of reviews up the other day. No Dragon Moon quite yet, but a whole mess of swaps converged upon my mailbox today, including some very generous freebies from one swapper!

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All reviewed now!
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Haven't done this in a while now...

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Aaaaand... I think that's it for now. Whoof. If I tried any others I haven't reviewed, they've already been swapped away for other stuff and didn't leave enough of an impression for me to remember, so, tough.

The icon doesn't mean anything, I'm just pleased with having made it.
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There is an amusing randomness to the freebie imps the lab throws into one's orders. As with Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

In this particular case, it is:

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Few more BPAL reviews, for those interested:

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In other news, LJ giving me more icon space means that clearly I need more icons. Have made a few Murrue ones, such as the one on this post (of which I am prouder than I should be). Want more.

I also have no less than four partly-written fanfics sitting open in RoughDraft, staring at me. And they are all stalled. Three of them are Gundam Seed fics. There is something wrong with me.


...oh yeah. And Marvel? Hates me. A lot.
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More random BPAL. What, you thought the novelty had worn off by now? Haha.

Came into possession of a new set of imps. This round has been mostly unremarkably nice: Zephyr turned out to be more powdery-perfumey from the white musk and sandalwood and whatnot than I had expected; there's supposed to be lemon and lemon verbena in it, but I didn't really get much of that from the scent. Van Van is nice enough but mostly a poor relation of Follow Me Boy, which I adore, so I might as well just stick with Follow Me Boy. Szepasszony is lovely in the bottle, and is indeed a clear, cold, sweet scent, but like most of BPAL's aquatics, not quite so lovely on. Ah well.

Brisingamen, however, is probably the nicest of the amber scents I've tried; not as foody as The Lion, but warmer and smoother and sweeter than Cairo. Fresh it's a bit eh, but once it's settled down on my skin I quite like it. Currently trying out Water of Notre Dame, which is working out better than the other aquatics I've tried, but the standard Voodoo Blends herbals are kind of taking over and going powdery again.

I find it terribly amusing how easy it is for me to assign these perfumes to my various characters. Follow Me Boy? So very Rogue in all respects. Neo-Tokyo for Aya (shut up, him smelling like flowers is canon). Shanghai or Embalming Fluid for Seishi. And Sudha Segara is entirely perfect for Murrue.
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BPAL catch-up foo. Picked up a bunch since the last time I did this.

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Two more Black Phoenix imps arrived today. Actually three - the order was for Namaste and Sudha Segara, but they threw in a frimp of Rage as well.

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Also got Kurukulla, Sophia and New Orleans for [ profile] ahumblepen mailed out (finally), and Dragon's Hide and Tintagel for [ profile] funwithrage, plus mailing out The Apothecary to swap for Juke Joint.

And I went to the grocery store. I got a pumpkin! And beer. Not that I drink beer, but I want to use it in chili. I wouldn't have gotten it, probably, but they had a sixpack of Kirin Ichiban. (Stop looking at me like that.)


Now I must clean my apartment, because my grandparents stopped by for a surprise visit and were probably horrified by the state of my living space, even if they were gracious about it and my profuse apologies. Got my pet deposit paid up, so I can go get my cats once everything's tidy.
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Beef = win. The crock-pot roast came out delicious. I am stuffed full of beef and potatoes and carrots. Yum.

Also, my Black Phoenix lab order finally came!

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All reviewed now; that's it until I get some more to try out.
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More Black Phoenix samples have arrived! This time it's Kabuki, Sophia, and Follow Me Boy.

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In other news, I went temporarily out of my head and picked up a copy of Haunting Ground, a PS2 survival horror game. I never play survival horror games. I'm the biggest wuss in the gaming world. It took me ages to screw up my courage enough to venture from the save point to one of the first major cutscenes.

It appears to be very much a "run away like a little girl!" game. Which is probably precisely what I'll do once I get my hands on X-Men Legends II, 'cause, wimp.
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As the result of a Hurricane Katrina relief charity auction, I've come into possession of a 5ml bottle of BPAL's Mi-Go Brain Canister. With a name like that, how could I pass it up?

In the bottle, it's bubblegum-juicy-sweet. Reminds me of the way Kurukulla smells in the bottle, but this one doesn't purportedly have any lotus in it; must just be all the fruit. When I put it on, though, it begins to develop a perfumey sharpness more like regular storebought perfumes, the kind that gets up into my sinuses. There's still some of that juicy sweetness and it tries hard to smooth it out. I wonder if this is some quirk of body chemistry and if I ought to hang onto it to give it another try in a week or so - might be a bit too close to the wrong time of the month? At any rate, it's a little dissapointing. We'll see how it dries.

Edit to add: It mellowed some as it dried, like the other BPAL fragrances I've tried so far, but it took too long to lose that commercial perfuminess that I didn't like. I'll keep it for now and test it again next week or so to see if it was a weird time of the month thing, but if the results are the same I'll probably trade it.
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So I caved in and ordered four Black Phoenix samples via eBay, since the lab takes for-freaking-ever to ship. I got the set mostly for Embalming Fluid, but it also included Silentium Amoris, Kurukulla, and Melpomene.

Since the power outages and now the impossibility of actually getting any gas in my car have me not-at-work, I have been experimenting. I'm not clueful enough to be able to identify the various notes in any given perfume, but I am definitely understanding now why there's such a thriving trade community for this stuff.

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As the fact that I'm posting from home may indicate, my broadband is back. It cut out on me twice last night, once for about twenty minutes and then again at 11:30 until sometime midmorning today. But it's been stable since then, and the TV reception has improved, so I think I'm good. However, my car is almost out of gas and considering that the lines for the stations that don't have their pumps roped off are backed up to the far end of creation, I'm not going to be able to get gas anytime soon. So I called in to work. I feel bad about it, but it's really beyond my control right now.


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