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Day 23 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great?

Will you be my manager? )

Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?

Fire, Murrue Ramius! )

The questions. )
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Day 09 - The most believable relationship?

I didn't expect to be asked that now after all this time. )

Day 10 - Why aren't these two married in real life?

I generally just don't take much interest in actors as opposed to the characters they play, or in what they do or what they're like when they're not pretending to be someone else in a work of fiction. So this one's easy: don't know, don't care, I'll resume providing actual answers with day 11.

The questions. )
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I am still working on the request fic that I posted the beginning of earlier. This is not that. This is a broken wrong for-want-of-a-nail alternate timeline fic that I wrote down so that it would stop bothering me and let me finish the other fic.

It is very rough and probably needs extensive reworking. If nothing else, it irritates me how passive Murrue is in it, but, well, she's kind of broken in this one.

Apparently I like tormenting Mwu almost as much as I like tormenting Squall.


so you see I have come to doubt / all that I once held as true / I stand alone without beliefs / the only truth I know is you )
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So "Fortune Favors the Brave" stubbornly refuses to write itself, and although I've been carefully refraining from immersing in any other fandoms old or new, my brain persists in giving me unrelated ideas anyhow. So I'm turning back to a request fic that I did the first draft of ages ago and then stalled on completing - Gundam SEED, Mwu and Murrue, "before we end and then begin, we'll drink a toast to how it's been," which I'm sure [ profile] a_white_rain has forgotten requesting by now.

Still working on it, but here's the first couple paragraphs because Mwu really amuses me right now.

We learn one thing, if we learn at all, in the secret wars we call our lives: anything can happen. )
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Remember how a bit back I mentioned that I kind of wanted to write a Gundam SEED Star Wars AU?

...yeah, I still really kind of want to do that.

Fortunately I am not yet Seized With Inspiration for it, which is an odd thing to say "fortunately" about, but I have plenty other fannish things to fixate on right now, and I'm still working on "Fortune Favors the Brave," not to mention all those notecards that I've done up in preparation for making serious headway on "With Good Intentions," so it is definitely just as well.

And yet...

Here are some thoughts, so that I may find them later when I want them. )

Am I completely insane for even thinking about this?
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Current terrible idea occupying my brain: a bizarre Gundam SEED/Star Wars AU hybrid. Mostly because Murrue would make a fantastic Jedi.

Of course, about the only thing this idea has going for it aside from that is that ridiculous Gundam SEED names and ridiculous Star Wars names go reasonably well together...
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Another completely random snippet of Andy/Murrue dialogue as I try to figure out how the hell to write That One Fic I Want To Write.

Andrew Waltfeld, Murrue Ramius, post-SEED, Valentine's Day. I swear I will actually make a fic out of this one of these days. )
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It's been a while, so I will try a meme:

Name a character and I'll give you (a) three (or more) facts about them from my personal fanon, (b) three (or more) things that never happened to that character, or (c) three (or more) people that character never fell in love with and how. You pick the character; I pick the letter. I reserve the right to say, "oops, I don't know that character, please pick another."
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Managed to hack out one of the Andy/Murrue ideas from that list of fics I want to write. It is not the big one that I am still really wanting to do, and I am not sure yet how well it came out, considering that I'm not all that sure of my grasp of Andy's narrative voice, and why the hell do half my SEED fics seem to come out in present tense?


Out of what is lost grows... something not necessarily stronger, but real and messy and there. )
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It is probably the result of hitting springtime again that I feel suddenly inspired to write more. (Well, that and scening on TIG woke up my SEEDfic muse, which is a little awkward since I think the moment has kind of passed for everyone else, but whatever.) Suddenly I have... ideas again! Holy shit.

Well, okay, a lot of these ideas I have had for quite a while and just not done much with them.

But anyway. With the signs of my inspiration renewing itself, it's about the time of year for me to organize a list of Fic Ideas I Plan To Write, in the hopes of actually getting around to some of them this time.

Cut for spam. )
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EXTREMELY LATE VALENTINE'S FIC for [ profile] annwyd. I'm sorry it's not longer for being so belated. u_u The SEED timeline refused to cooperate with my original idea, but hopefully you will enjoy this too?

Read more... )
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I was finally inspired to finish this piece that I started sometime last year - basically an effort at fixing or at least better explaining Neo, to fill in the blanks that Destiny never bothered to. Still kind of a draft; the last segments need some work. There's also an opening segment that I may or may not actually include, in which Mwu briefly regains consciousness after being retrieved by Logos before they fuck up his memory... I don't know that it necessarily fits in with the rest.

And where the heck did all this new inspiration to write more SEED fic come from? I blame [ profile] annwyd. Who I still owe a Mwu/Murrue fic for Valentine's.


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Sep. 30th, 2006 10:38 pm
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I have... about an hour and half to post to [ profile] ship_manifesto.

If anyone would like to provide any last-minute Mwu/Murrue fanwork recs for me to ad...

(since I can't find any of the good fanart sites any more)

...yes please?
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I did say that the next fic I wrote for these characters would involve something actually significant to characterization. I suppose it's mostly more of the same, but I am pleased with it - brought about entirely as a result of the scene in phase 30 in which Mwu comes down uncharacteristically hard on Kira for being emo about the events of the previous episode.

I admit I am a little embarassed about posting it, given fandom drama, but, well. Now, aside from working on complicated Andy/Murrue and trianglefic which will probably take me forever to work out, I think I will remind myself that I can write for other fandoms.

In the meantime, here's a bit of SEEDfic.

The last dregs of the adrenaline of combat gave out as the lift began its descent from the bridge. )
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Because yes I am a fangirl.

Written for [ profile] ship_manifesto, and seriously exceeding the wordcount limit of same, but I have trouble finding anything to cut out of it. Apparently I am also a very wordy fangirl.

Fortunately, I have a good long while to revise it; any and all suggestions or opinions are welcomed.

There will be recs and a disclaimer involving Destiny included later.

Title: In Love and War
Author: [ profile] joiedecombat
Fandom: Gundam SEED
Pairing: Mwu la Fllaga/Murrue Ramius
Spoilers: Big ones. For the entire series.
Email: abbykat at hotmail dot com

cut for fangirl babbling and spam of DOOM )
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Because my last post wasn't enough stupid fanon, I forgot to mention one of the more annoying and widespread bits of stupid that Mwu and Murrue get subjected to: namely the notion that after phase 38 they - or at least Murrue - would insist on trying to keep their relationship a secret. Even though three crewmen walked in on them in phase 38. Now, granted they don't go making a habit of necking in public or anything, but there are all sorts of small cues which indicate that neither of them cares - they call one another by their first names, he puts his arm around her, she reaches for his arm - by phase 45 even Kira knows, bless his oblivious little heart. It is no kind of big secret, and Murrue gives no indication of trying to make it one. Except in about 90% of the fanfic out there.

done now, promise.

Actually I have done some writing lately, I'm just mostly dissatisfied with it, so I'm kind of sitting on it until I figure out how to fix it. Got a couple more Gundam SEED fic ideas floating around, the Neo fic to finish - if I ever work up the confidence to try writing Djibril - that Leon-as-failed-Keyblade-bearer thing I keep putting off, all those FFVIII fic ideas, and maybe even a Weiss Kreuz ficlet.

Plus, I don't have to work tomorrow, or Monday or Tuesday. Score.

Also, the Archangel theme from Destiny? Hot.

That is all.
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Because hurts me and today, apparently, is a Stupid Fandom Day, it's time for a thrilling episode of Bad Gundam SEED Fanon Theater!

Mostly regarding stupid Mwu and Murrue fanon, because that is mostly what I read.

Meet Our Cast of Characters )
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Someone make me stop reading the Gundam SEED fanfic at It's not getting any better. This, honestly, kind of skeeves me just a little, enough that I would really like to say something, but there is no nice way to say "I don't even recognize this character, and by the way it's a little creepy that you seem to prefer him as a man-child rather than an adult."

Restraining urge to leave a review; arguing characterization in reviews is something I try to avoid. Perhaps I will complain about bad fanon in my own journal later instead. Just for fun.


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