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Dear customer,

Please do not use the phrase "do the right thing" when what you mean is "do what I want." They are not synonymous, except in your head.

Thanks so,
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So now that Avatar is over, I wandered over to the Television Without Pity Avatar forum to see what other people had to say about the finale.

Azula whatnow? )

This is an impressively negative post. To follow that up: I finally went to see The Dark Knight yesterday, after failing to quite be motivated to do so earlier. I wasn't as impressed with it as most of my friends list, I'm afraid. It wasn't by any means a bad movie, but I thought it reveled a bit too much in how scary and crazy the Joker is - and yes, the Joker should be exactly this crazy and scary, but I think the point was belabored at the expense of both the plotline and Batman's role in the story. Batman himself was essentially tertiary character compared to the Joker and Harvey Dent.

Plus, with regards to Harvey, there was practically another half a movie shoehorned in that could and probably should have been reserved for a sequel.

So, yeah.


Sep. 19th, 2007 03:58 pm
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I do not care whether it says on the paper that there's an expiration date or not, common sense should indicate that after fourteen years, your gift certificates might not be valid any more, and that perhaps you should suck it up and use the next one in a more timely fashion instead of throwing a fit of entitlement.

Just sayin'.


Jun. 30th, 2007 03:41 pm
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Two "oh my God, you must be joking" calls in a row!

First the woman who called in absolutely outraged because she is being penalized for excessive returns on her account - and by "excessive" I mean that in the past less than four years she'd actually charged less than five thousand dollars but somehow contrived to return more than eleven thousand, and had actually paid only a bit over eight hundred - and saying that she plans to sue the company because she was given a hard time over claiming a credit balance refund in the amount of $245 because she has made three returns but no purchases over the past twelve months...

...then the woman who came into a store with a statement dated 3/31/04 wanting to claim the credit balance it reflected, and who, when I advised her that it would have been refunded after three statements, persisted in asking questions about what she should do in order to be able to claim the credit. Which was $50.20. Somehow I managed not to tell her that what she should do is accept that after more than three years, that ship has pretty much sailed.

Plus a store associate giving a customer a stupidly hard time about trying to get him to look up her account number, and demanding that I give her whatever information I had because it was not part of his duties - never mind that only one of our lines is permitted to give out account numbers, and I only have the extension that the associates dial in to it, because it has to be an associate who calls in so that they can verify picture ID...

The world is full of assholes today.
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"May I place you on hold to transfer your call?" is not a rhetorical question.

The clue to that was that I asked three times.
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A brief note from a customer service phone monkey, to anyone who may ever need to call any kind of customer service for any reason:

If you find yourself needing to do business over the phone, or needing to call for customer service, please do everyone a favor and do not sit there eating while you are talking on the phone. Trust me, we can hear you. It sounds gross. Would you sit there chomping on nachos while doing business face-to-face at the bank? Stop it.

I'm not talking about coming back from placing a customer on hold and hearing eating noises, mind you; I'm talking about listening to them chewing while they are talking to me. And it never fails to baffle me. Why do that? Do they really think that because I can't see them, I can't tell?


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Funny the things that'll send your mood spiraling into the toilet.

God, I hate people who get overly literal about polite pleasantries. Yes, yes, too bad I couldn't wave my magic wand and make a gift card magically appear in your hand, but I did offer to connect you to the store where you made your purchases so that they could correct whatever error was made and get your gift card to you. You declined. When I ask if there is anything else I can help you with, therefore, the correct answer is not to reply in a syrupy, patronising voice, "Did you help me with anything?"

Once again I'm left wondering why people seem to believe it's perfectly okay to say crap like that. I could hear "ha ha I have the moral high ground" oozing out of her voice.
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I am about to start answering gift card help desk calls with "rocket science help desk." Because apparently that's what this is.

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I hate the world.

Not sure why.
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Wow. who put bitchy in the water today?

Everything in the whole world is pissing me off. If I go rarr at anyone, please accept my apologies and know that it's not you.

Unless you're one of the customers who's been calling me and generally being stupid. Then it might be you.
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Two questions for the day:

1) WTF is with today and people who are fundamentally incapable of grasping the concept of a monthly billing cycle? If you get a statement in the beginning of April that shows an amount due even though you thought you paid your account in full at the end of March, the time to ask "hey, what's with this remaining amount" is not a week after that statement's due date. And if you are dumb enough to wait until after your statement showed the amount was due to ask about it, you should not be surprised when we tell you that no, we cannot simply roll that amount due onto your next due date so that you will not be considered past due or receive any late fees or interest charges. People like this make me regret being able to waive late fees and interest charges.

Similarly, if you receive a statement in March showing that you have an amount due in April, and you do not make a payment, and then you receive another statement showing a) no payment received and b) a new payment due with a new due date, that does not mean that the previous amount is not now past due and that you should not receive a late fee so long as you make your payment by the new due date. This is not how it works.


2) On a lesser note, who told the Gundam SEED fandom that "what if Murrue was pregnant before Jachin Due?" was a good and interesting plotline? Stop it.

That is all.
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...I'm not all that thrilled with Rogue #11, either. Oh, if Shiro had to go out, I guess I like how he did it, but still, sucks for him and his fans. At least 'til they bring him back. And while I wasn't ever exactly thrilled with Rogue losing the Ms. Marvel powers, I didn't want her to go picking up anyone else's - especially not an elemental/energy-based set.

These points I could probably live with, but I am not at all happy about the role Blindspot's been cast in - particularly not the "I can't let them take me! I need my best friend back!" I wanted to see a doublecross, and this doesn't exactly count, unless more gets revealed in #12.

And considering that the first thing Rogue does after Blindspot yoinks her memory is absorb Havok, the scenario doesn't exactly play... along with his powers, she should have absorbed enough of his thoughts and memories involving her to twig to the fact that hey, something's up here!

Not to mention, dude, what's with the anime antennae? Her stripe is pastede on yay.
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When you know that the exit onto the smoker's patio is equipped with an ear-piercing alarm which goes off if the door is opened without an ID being scanned, or if the door stays open too long, FOR GOD'S SAKE CLOSE THE DOOR BEFORE WE ALL GO DEAF. That is all.
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That talk that Frank wanted to have with me about the telephones turned out to involve a distressing pile of complaints he's apparently received about me. The ones that have particularly stuck in my mind are "Please don't make me talk to Abby again" and "sounds like a computer."

So, I suck and people hate me. Go me.

I know that this is not a job to which I am well-suited. I know that I am not a sparkling people person. I know, and some people on my frindslist can probably agree, that I am not really adept at talking on the phone.

But damn it, it's not like I'm not trying. I smile. I ask people how they're doing. If they call in to report an accident I ask if everyone's okay. I say please and thank you and you're welcome and I wish people a good day.

If it upsets people that I ask "who can I tell him is calling?" before I transfer them over to Frank - because he told me to because he likes to be able to greet them by name when he picks up - how is that my fault?

If I offend people this much when I'm trying to be as friendly and polite as I know how...

...ehn. I don't know. Crappy mood today. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.


May. 12th, 2004 07:02 pm
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So. I work for an insurance office. I've only had the job a few months, and so I'm far from an expert on insurance in general; my job is generally to field phone calls to other people in the office who know what's going on. I also take payments and give basic auto quotes.

I've come to dread giving quotes. Not because it's difficult in itself; no, what I dread is the phone call that begins "I want a quote on some insurance," because nine times out of ten the person on the other end has no earthly idea what they want, and prying information out of them is like pulling teeth. For the love of God, people, if you ever call an insurance agency for a quote, take the time to acquire at least a vague notion of what you want before you ask someone to give you a price.

I am so, so sick of people who call my office and ask for a quote on insurance for such and such a car as though I have a chart in front of me and I can instantly rattle off a number right then.

My calls generally run something like this:
Caller: "I wanna get a quote on some car insurance."
Me: "What kind of car do you want to have quoted?"
This is where I'm supposed to input year, make, and model. Most callers generally leave out at least one of these, forcing me to prompt them until they tell me the rest of the information.
Then I have to figure out the age, gender, and marital status of the driver, which usually isn't too hard.
Then it gets tricky.
Me: "What kind of coverage do you want?"
Caller: "Full."
Me: "...Okay. How much liability coverage do you need?"
Caller: "...I dunno."
Insert thumbnail explanation of liability coverage: $x per person up to $x per accident for bodily injury and $x per accident for property damage.
Caller: "That sounds good."
Me: "Okay, but how much liability do you want?"
Caller: " much does it cost?"
Me: "I can't give you the price quote until you've chosen your coverages. Right now I'll put you down for our minimum, and if that's not enough we can go back and change it, okay?"
Caller: "Okay."
Me: "Do you want medical coverage?"
Lather, rinse, repeat ad nauseam, until I'm rolling my eyes and restraining the urge to channel [ profile] funwithrage and snarl into the phone, "What do you want?"

I do not insist that everyone know everything about insurance. Hell, I don't understand some of it myself. But if these people are making me pick their coverages for them, how can they possibly be getting the coverage they actually need? If all you know about insurance is that you need some, go to an insurance office! Talk to an agent! Find out what the hell you need! Do not call me and make me try to figure out how to quote you!

Even worse are the people who call my office and do this to me at 4:57 in the afternoon, when our office closes at 5:00.

Like today.

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I am supposed to go to lunch at noon. It's currently 12:15. I cannot go to
lunch until people *stop coming in the freaking office and needing things I
can't take care of* so that they have to sit at my desk and wait for Ashley
to get done with the people who came in before them.

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If you call your column Critic's Corner, it would be advisable to actually
critique something instead of just telling me what's on TV.

I get pissy about USA Today and content when it's all I can browse.
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I am in a pisser of a mood. And I'm not sure why, exactly, but I'm sick of hearing about the job my brother's fiancee is getting, and I'm sick of listening to people talk on the phone, I'm really sick of listening to slurpy kissing and eating noises, and I'm very sick of my brother's laptop malfunctioning. I'm feeling bitchy and I just want to talk to someone for a little while, but nobody's talking, either because they're busy or idle or just not online right now.

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Hey, I got lumped into the same category as Kitalyana. I rool.

Also, apparently I'm a lesbian.

This seems a little nonsensical. If I prefer girls for the hot sex, why am I playing a male character in a gay relationship, since it's generally understood that the only reason a female player would play a gay male character would be for the hawt boy sex?

I mean, really.

Edit: Apparently I made some comments that constitute proof that I am a lesbian.

No, I have no idea what comments those might have been.

Although they're willing to allow for the possibility that I'm a man pretending to be a lesbian.

Or something.


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